May 2016 - Andrew

May 2016 – Andrew

  • 1st Jun 2016
  • Kevin Tran

Client of the Month for May 2016 is Andrew Leota!

Big Andrew aka ‘The Rock’ of CrossFit Chippo/Milperra. He is absolutely dedicated to the process of consistent improvement through training and enjoying the journey so far. He’s come a long way this year, putting in time to develop more of his skill sets so that he can be more well rounded in CrossFit, improving his gymnastics abilities big time as a result, as well as doing Barbell Club to improve his Olympic Lifting.

Some achievements include being able to do a ton more pull ups now, and getting better at butterfly pull ups. Going from a handful of strict HSPU to 19 unbroken. Improving his ‘Helen’ time from 10:30 to 8:45! He improved his Cindy score with an epic 28 round effort! His Snatch went form 60kg to 70kg and also recently PR’d his clean and jerk at 105kg!

Congratulations on what is probably his biggest achievement to date, and that is getting married to Wynter Eastgate! Enjoy your time off buddy, you’ve earned it!