Since 2015

365 Performance Milperra started in 2015 when we opened our second location.

An awesome community, coaches that care, no mirrors… It’s our clients third place outside of home and work.

All of our sessions are run by our qualified full-time coaches. They are passionate about helping you succeed and aren’t there to just take you through an one hour workout.

If you are completely new to training or have been training for ages and are wanting to take things to the next level – 365 Performance Milperra is for you.


Not Like A Regular Gym

365 Performance Milperra is everything a conventional gym is not.

We have no mirrors – everybody is coming in to train and get better. There are no egos and everyone supports each other.

The gym is an open, friendly environment with ample equipment. We have sessions all throughout the day and for added convenience you also get access to our Chipping Norton location.



This is the biggest misconception about us. People think they need to be ‘super fit’ before they start training.

That is the equivalent of saying you want to run a marathon, but you are going to start swimming for two months to get ‘super fit’ before you start running!

The best way to get ‘super fit’ is to start moving – here at 365 Performance we meet you where you are at right NOW and treat everyone as an individual. If you haven’t done anything for a long time (or at all) the last thing we would want you to do is do 1,000 squats and burpees on your first session and not be able to move for a month and never come back again! It’s all about creating the space for you to have success after success each time you train with us.

We get you to ramp your intensity up as you build your foundation of fitness, mobility and strength – no being thrown in the deep end doing stuff you aren’t ready for!

It’s a sad fact but the truth is 90% of the population have injuries these days. We work with people who have had disc bulges, back surgery, knee reco’s, arthritis, strokes, dislocations, etc…

The first thing we do at 365 Performance is run you through an in-depth movement and mobility assessment to see where you are at. From this a lot of people who don’t have any injuries find out that they have areas of imbalance that would eventually lead to an injury if we didn’t pick it up first!

Most injuries and issues we have with our bodies come from areas of imbalance and weakness. We pick these up and put a plan in place to fix and manage them. At the same time any areas of concern that are identified are simply let known to the coaches so they can amend the sessions accordingly. You don’t need to worry if you have dodgy knees or a bad back – we make it work!

A common misconception with training in general is that you need to train 5-7 days per week – That couldn’t be further from the truth!

On average our clients train with us 3x per week and get amazing results. It isn’t about quantity but QUALITY.

You are able to train with us 6 days per week (Mon-Sat) if you like, and many of our clients do as our weekly program is structured and periodised… But if you are new to training or don’t have heaps of time 3 sessions per week coupled with focusing on our nutrition practices is more than enough to get the results you are after.

We have many clients come to us from other facilities where the coach seemed to have some issues with their ego and got excited from making people vomit out the front or not be able to walk for 3 weeks.

This is never beneficial for anyone looking to actually get results from their training as the stress on the nervous system and the body is far too detrimental.

We progress the intensity level as you progress with your fitness level. During the first couple of weeks we would much rather you leave your session feeling like you could have done more than crawling out of here… The former keeps you driven to come back for more, while the latter makes it 100x easier for you to bail and give up.

It’s really simple. Just organise a FREE CONSULT. From there we will discuss your goals, training history, and decide which one of our on-boarding options are best for you to start with us.

strength milp

Our 365 Performance Community


Waking up early to prioritise training, is hard. The repercussions of sleeping in and showing up to work late, is hard.
Choose your hard.

Meal prepping on Sunday for your week ahead, is hard.
Not adhering to your nutrition plan through the week due to lack of pre-preparing, buying take-out instead, and dealing with guilt/annoyance is hard.
Choose your hard.

A sweaty, gruelling training session is hard. Dealing with fatigue, having difficulty taking the stairs and irritability is hard.
Choose your hard.

Happy Monday! #365performance want to remind you to focus on the narrative you tell yourself when making positive lifestyle changes. MANY THINGS are difficult, many things are hard work. BUT you’re going to have to deal with difficult things in life regardless.. so why not choose the option that you will reap the most reward from.

Choose your hard✨💪

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Did you know that #365performance runs a Super Saturday class at 8:30am at BOTH our Milperra and Chipping Norton locations?!
Super Saturday’s are designed to get you starting your weekend STRONG💪 ..and maybe catch a cheeky breakfast with fellow members afterwards😝🍳🥞

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We have a short, sharp and spicy workout programmed at #365performance today! 🌶🔥

Give it a go and let us know how you went!👇

Push Press (30kg/20kg)
Box Jump-Overs*

*Both feet must come to the top of the box before coming down.

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I AM..

💪 Strong
✨ Worthy
🧘🏻 Grateful to be able to move my body today
🥗 Deserving of quality food that will nourish my body
👩🏿‍🤝‍👨🏼 Appreciative to be surrounded by an amazing like-minded community

What positive affirmations are you implementing today? Share them below!👇

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$95 for dinner and drinks for two? “How cheap!” 🥂🍱
$95 for a one hour personal training session? “So expensive!” 🏋🏽‍♂️

Binge watch a Netflix series ALL Sunday? “Me time” 💻 🎮
Doing a 1hr training session 3x/week? “I have NO time!” 🧘🏻

It’s time to shift your perception on the importance of INVESTING in your nutrition and fitness. Like healthcare, these are important aspects to healthy living and a healthier you✨

Rather than pay a $10/week membership fee where you’re not motivated to show up, you don’t create or adhere to a structured training or nutrition program and only have yourself to keep you accountable... you could be investing in your health and getting:
👉 Unlimited access to group training classes
👉 Access to knowledgeable coaches for your training and nutrition
👉 Assigned a mentor to help guide and support you through your ENTIRE journey
👉 Exposure to a supporting environment of like-minded individuals
👉 Programming is done FOR you that changes each day with consistent improvement as the goal

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“Don’t downgrade your dream to fit your present reality. Upgrade your attitude, discipline and skills to match your destiny.”
- Jim Kwik

Happy Monday✨ It’s time to start this week STRONG! What will you prioritise today?
Movement Gratitude Kindness Discipline

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Do you have an “ALL OR NOTHING” mindset?!

Have you ever started a new training program or nutrition plan (or both) at 110% and at full speed?!

BUT when you inevitably hit a road bump, you feel as if you’ve completely failed past the point of no return so end up throwing in the towel?

This could be as simple as slightly eating over your calorie allowance for the day so saying “stuff it!” And eating the whole block of chocolate because everything is ruined!
And then you spiral and find yourself back to where you started and the cycle begins all over again..

This approach is NOT proactive🙅🏽 Strive for progress over perfection- aiming to be as close to your plan on any given day will see a shift in your mindset and daily habits which will cascade into persistent and consistent PROGRESS.

If you mess up one day, simply move on and aim to do the better the following day rather than throwing in the towel.

There will be days that you mess up.

There will be days that don’t go to plan.

There will be days you won’t feel like training.

That is okay!! Just refrain from slashing ALL your tires when only one needs to be fixed🙌💪✨

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AMAZING effort and a HUGE congratulations to client @tygreen95 for her FIRST Ring Muscle-Up today! 🤩👏

We love seeing how strong and fit our #365Performance women are!

Are you tired of experiencing the same “day in, day out” tempo of training, focusing purely on the bathroom scale weight?

At #365performance, we pride ourselves on providing clients with consistent improvement, not just aesthetically, but with specific training goals in mind. With the absence of full length mirrors hung around the gym, we will have you chasing the numbers on the BARBELL and improving your form, technique and your previous times in workouts.
You become your own competition AND motivation! 🙌💪

So what are you waiting for?! Reach out to find out more!👇
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