365 Performance Gym Locations

Two Gyms. One Community.

All of our members get access to train at both facilities.

365 Performance Chipping Norton

Unit 33, 25-33 Alfred Road,
Chipping Norton, NSW 2170.

Main Areas Served
Chipping Norton, Moorebank, Holsworthy, Hammondville, Liverpool, Warwick Farm.

Operating Hours
Mon-Fri 5:30am-8pm
Sat 7:30am-11:30am
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365 Performance Milperra

Unit 5, 112 Ashford Avenue,
Milperra, NSW 2214.

Main Areas Served
Milperra, East Hills, Georges Hall, Panania, Revesby, Padstow.

Operating Hours
Mon-Fri 6am-8pm
Sat 8:30am-10am
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Happy Sunday Everyone ☀️⁠

Sunday`s are best spent enjoying fresh air, good company and some well deserved rest 😴⁠

Spend some time stretching, rolling out, eating some good food and preparing for the week ahead 🔋⁠

See you tomorrow fam 👋

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Happy Saturday fam, we hope the weekend is full of rest and sunshine... We can`t wait to see you guys in for another week of fitness ☀️ ...

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A little tip for your Friday, here`s why you should pay more attention to your warm-up ✍️⁠

When you`re warming up for lifts it prepares more than just your muscles, more importantly it wakes up the central nervous system 🧠⁠

The central nervous system is the big communicator sending signals to and from your muscles and interpreting the environment around you 🌿⁠

This is key as it sets up the movement patterns that allow you to hit those lifts, particularly once they get a bit heavier... it helps your body recognise those key queues that lead to pretty looking and feeling lifts 🏋️⁠

Just some food for thought for your Friday, maybe something to think about as we enter the next week of our training cycle to make the most of your sessions 💪🏻

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8 years, that`s the product of fitness becoming a lifestyle 🌿⁠

Life gets busy but it`s pretty amazing to see our members staying committed to their health through it all 🫁⁠

"Group training that feels like personal training" sums up the 365 experience. Through our sessions our skilled coaches always find time to motivate, correct and more importantly build relationships with each of our members 🫂⁠

We LOVE that our members are loving their training ❤️‍🔥⁠

Need to try something new? Maybe you want to take that step and prioritise your fitness, or maybe you need something to motivate you that little bit extra... Here at 365 we can provide all of that and so much more ✨⁠

Send us a message or head to our profile and hit that link to find out more info and let YOUR fitness become a goal heading into the new year 💪🏻

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Discipline is choosing between what you want NOW, and what you want MOST 🤔 ...

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Our morning crew know how to start the day the right way 🌥️⁠

If you`re struggling to commit to making it to the gym of an afternoon may we suggest trying out an am session 🛏️⁠

By not snoozing the alarm and getting up that little bit earlier you start your day with some feel good endorphins to leave you buzzing all day 🐝⁠

What`s even better, when you get home from work you can sit back and relax or, spend more time chasing after the kids 😅⁠

If you`re struggling with motivation and don`t have a gym to call home why not check us out... our 365 fam is always growing and always excited to welcome new members 🤗⁠

Check out the link below for more info and to get in touch 💗⁠

✅ https://365performance.com.au/

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Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change 🌱 ...

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Your coach is so much more than a motivator 🎤⁠

Yes, our coaches kill it at encouraging and picking the perfect playlist to get you through even the toughest of workouts but they do so much more than that 🎶⁠

Our coaches prep before class with warm ups that they know will give you the best preparation for the workout at hand... They know what dynamic warm-ups will ensure the body is primed 🙆⁠

They also think on their feet to adapt workouts to meet the needs of each individual member, they know that sometimes movements may not be wise for everyone to attempt and adjusting movements isn`t a one size fits all process 📝 ⁠

Our coaches are always ready with options to ensure whether your mobility is limited or a movement isn`t feeling too great that you`re still able to make the most of every single session 🏃⁠

We are pretty proud of our coaches, we definitely encourage you to chat with your coach if you need any tips or tricks for movements that you`re finding difficult... They may just have the answer for you 🫵

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