Hiding From The Facts

Hiding From The Facts

  • 28th Jul 2017
  • Scott

Just recently I was feeling pretty run down. I had a bunch of reasons why I was possibly feeling that way, but in my gut I just felt like things weren’t right…

I had this feeling inside me that I should go get a blood test for weeks, but I kept on coming up with reasons why I should hold off.

“I’m too busy with work”

“I don’t want to fast during the week as it will impact my training”

“I am not bothered to be sitting around and wasting an hour of my day”

“I’ll be right, this will pass in a week or so”

And I’m sure in the past you have felt like this about something yourself…

It might be that you are due to get your measurements done with your coach, but you have been relaxed with your training and nutrition. You don’t want to get the results incase you have gone backwards.

It might be that you don’t want to open up your credit card statement and see how much you have swiped over the past 60 days. You don’t want to see the full picture incase you finally see how much you have been spending on material things instead of investing in your family.

It might be that you don’t want to see what your business revenue or client attrition is. You know things aren’t what they used to be but you don’t want to get clear on how it really is incase you are really in deep trouble.

Because the results will actually tell you the truth.

The thing about finding out the truth, is once you know what it is, you can change it.

Likewise with myself, all I needed to do was get the facts with what my bloods were.

Once I got them, if they were good I could move on. If they were bad I could fix them (and have a greater chance of fixing them faster!)

My question for you today is in regards to your life, where are you possibly holding back from finding out the facts?

It could be with the way your health is right now, maybe you’re tired all the time and you have no idea what’s going on. You feel like you should get a checkup or get that blood test from the doctor… but you keep telling yourself “hey, let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist right now.”

Maybe it’s to do with your business and your finances. Maybe you’re looking at your bank account at the end of each month and it seems like it’s not going anywhere or it’s going backwards. You’re not 100% sure why, but you don’t want to take a look at the real hard facts yet because if you do and you find out that you’re not producing enough, it’s going to make you worried, scared and feel like you’re going to lose everything.

The facts will set you free. And only from finding out the facts and the truth, can you get a clear picture of where you’re at so you can move forward and change it.

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