If we are a good fit for each other, we have a 4 step process that all new clients must undertake.

It is here for a reason – to ensure you get the most out of your time working with us.

The Reason…

The fitness industry is littered with people who over-promise and under-deliver.

Our promise to you is simple – do the work, and if after your first 12 weeks of working with us you aren’t in better shape than before you started, we refund your entire investment.

Our process works, when it is followed, thus is non negotiable.

Here’s How It Works…

After you have spoken to us and we have had our consultation, we have a very good understanding of your training history, your specific goals, your concerns, the things you have tried and failed in the past, the reasons behind you failing in the past, and the roadblocks you can see yourself hitting in the future.

From this, we already know a great deal about what makes you tick and can work as a team to guide you to proactively overcome the things that have held you back in the past and overcome the obstacles that will pop up in the future.

Then we get started with more of the fun stuff;

1 – Assessment

So you don’t get injured.

Train pain free, and feel great.

We do a thorough functional movement and mobility assessment on you.

We learn if you are stronger or weaker on one side compared to the other, or in different planes of movement.

We see if there are any movement restrictions – both tightness or looseness, that can impact you from your body overcompensating down the track.

We test your core function and control, as well as single-leg work and shoulder stability and strength. Once again, you don’t need to be an athlete to have success here. In fact, most sedentary people do OK with these tests, but some people do have underlying issues that are brought up during this piece. Same deal – it isn’t an issue, it’s all about us being aware of them so we can FIX them!

We also address any previous injury history you have – regardless if it’s still giving you grief or not, as well as address any ‘niggles’ that aren’t something ‘yet’ but could turn into something more major down the track if they aren’t addressed.

We want to be PROACTIVE instead of reactive.


So you don’t feel silly or intimidated.

Know what you’re doing, and feel confident.

Once the standards have been addressed, we know what your limitations are (if any) and are proactively working on addressing them, we then begin to teach you ALL of the movements you will do in our training program(s).

This is done in a Private 1-1 setting.

All movements are done with technique and safety being THE highest concern (the heaviest thing you will lift will be a broomstick or an empty bar!)

The one and only goal from these sessions is for you to feel CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE before we go any further – if you aren’t – we stay here until you are! 🙂


So you don’t get bored or fall off the wagon.

Enjoy what you eat, and see results.


We work WITH you, looking at what you are currently eating, give you some basic GUIDELINES and then progress to give you more personalised prescriptions as you continue on your journey with us.

We are constantly checking in with you to;
a) ensure you are having success following it, or need assistance
b) getting actual results with your body composition and training – we monitor your results each week!

We don’t have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality.


So you don’t go at it all alone, or give up.

Keep focused on your goals, and achieve what you never thought possible.

When you start with us you will be assigned a Coach who is the best fit for you. Someone who has been through what you have and has come out the other end with the results you are after.

It is their job to support you and hold you accountable. To help you identify and work through obstacles proactively so you keep making progress. And to check-in, review and update your goals every 90 days so you continue to stay focused and improve.

No more going at it all alone – we are here to support you every step of the way!


If you are like the majority of clients who come to us, historically you have never;

  1. Been shown how to move/train correctly (so you never felt confident and/or got injured)
  2. Been shown what you really need to eat for your individual body type and goals (so you never found something sustainable and/or never saw any change)
  3. Been supported 1-1 by a coach (so you gave up when you faced an obstacle you didn’t know how to overcome)

The reasons above are why you haven’t seen the results you are after. Once you have all these things in place it is so much easier to see the success you are after.

Fill out the form on this page, come in for a Free Intro Session and we will let you know how we can help!