Resistance is that obstacle, obstacle(s), hurdles, roadblocks that present themselves when you’re trying to accomplish something. It is most prevalent when the thing you are wanting to accomplish is a bit bigger than where you’re currently at.

I want to give you the opportunity to laugh at me today. And share what I’ve been going through the past couple of weeks, when I’ve been wanting to launch something that seems pretty small- our new podcast (shameless plug).

You’d think it would be as simple as recording me talking and then putting it up there, but there was (LOTS) of resistance.

The first piece of resistance is what do I call it? What do I call it? What do I call it? Thinking, thinking, thinking, days go by. Still no podcast, still don’t have a good name for it.

Next thing, well, how many should I record? How far ahead should I be with the podcasts that I record? Resistance, resistance, resistance.

The next one is where should I tell people to go and get more information? What domain should I use? Resistance, resistance, resistance.

The next one, is the audio quality good enough? No, I think I need to get a microphone. Resistance, resistance, resistance. …Wait for a microphone to ship.

The next thing, I need an intro or an outro or both of them, so I can make it sound a little bit more professional. Resistance, resistance, resistance.

Who am I going to get to do the intro and the outro? Resistance, resistance, resistance.

Should I speak or should they speak? Resistance, resistance resistance.

Do I need to have background music? Who will do the background music? Where will I get the background music from? Resistance, resistance, resistance.

But at the end of the day, all I really need to do is speak into my phone, talk, upload it, and it’s out there. But there’s all these hurdles that I present in front of myself, when realistically the core of it, being completely honest and vulnerable, is the fact that I’m scared.

If I put something out there into the public, what will people say? What will people think? If I didn’t care what people think, didn’t care or think about how it would be interpreted, it would have been out there months ago.

It happens with us all the time though.

My mate is starting to go out on his own with his own electrical business. The same deal with him. He’s wanting to go out and there and get a whole bunch of new business but he needs to wait. He needs to wait for his business cards. He needs to wait until he can buy more tools. He needs to wait. He needs to wait.

This exact same thing happens when you want to start something new or really dig deep and commit to your health and fitness and achieving what you’re after. It’s obviously really high with resistance at the beginning, when you’ve never done anything before, and you feel very vulnerable. You think everyone is going to look at you because you don’t know what you’re doing… Which is why you should go somewhere that ensures this doesn’t happen – you can find out more about how we get new people started here. (Yes, that was another shameless plug :) )

But then, after you start… Resistance begins to show in different forms;

  • “Hey I need to stop for a while, I’m really busy with work”
  • “Hey I need to stop for a while, have a bunch of bills coming up and I can’t afford it”
  • “Hey I need to stop for a while, I am heaps busy with the kids at the moment and I need to look after them”

We know that you’re busy, that you have a bunch of bills and things are kind of tight at the moment… but you know there’s always going to be those ‘other things’ that will demand your money, likewise with your time and everything else.

The question I want you to ask yourself today:

What is the ONE THING that you NEED? Not want, that you NEED to do. What is the ONE THING that you NEED to do today that you’ve been putting off? What is the ONE THING that you can do and commit to today and that by doing it, everything else in your life will improve and be more beneficial?

See what you come up with.

If one of the things that comes up is to finally prioritise your health and fitness and make it work no matter what – find out how you can let us help support you with that here

For me, when I asked myself that question, it was to commit to getting the podcast out within the next five days. No excuses, no matter what, I needed to execute it. Because unless I did, I was just going to be fluffing around doing small, urgent things, that aren’t really important and they’ll just keep popping up, over and over and over again but that won’t be helping me.

And if you haven’t already, head on over and make sure you Subscribe to our Podcast.

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