Just recently I was moving a fridge into our house.

Fortunately I had a bunch of mates that could help me with it.

The thing with carrying a fridge, or anything really heavy, with a bunch of people, is if one person begins to slacken off, everyone else feels it straight away!

In the military, they do a thing called Log PT, where they get a huge, big log and they get four to eight people holding it over their head for a long period of time, or pressing it up and down.

The whole reason for that is because you need to work as a team and coordinate it.

Otherwise, that log that’s already heavy to begin with gets a whole lot heavier really, really quickly!

So… What has this got to do with anything?

In other areas of our life, we all have areas where we have strong parts holding us up, and a weak parts that are holding us back.

I’ve gone through this time after time again…

I see people that will come to us and they already have their business dialed in. They might even be the world’s best Dad or Mum. Their kids love them. They spend heaps of time at home looking after the family.

BUT – when it comes to their health and fitness, they’re overweight and have health problems.

Regardless of their situation, they’re limited to what they can possibly be, and what they want to accomplish… by their weakest link.

No different to carrying a fridge :)

Your weakest link is always the thing that holds you back from having a much more successful time with things.

Using the example of the great father and business owner, if he’s 30 kg overweight, he doesn’t have as much energy as someone that’s leaner and prioritises their health more.

This impacts his ability to focus, his productivity at work, how he deals with stress, and how much energy he has at home with the family.

When it comes to being a parent, where he is already ‘good’… He’s supporting the kids in every way he can, but those other experiences like kicking the footy around with his Son, are a bit limited and maybe don’t happen as often as he would wish them to be.

The thing is, that even if you are feeling amazing right now and you’ve just got some results, so you are ‘pretty’ healthy, got a ‘good’ business running and your relationship with your partner is quite ‘good’…

There’s still an area right now that might be good but not GREAT.

You might be happy and comfortable with it relative to the people in your circle and the people you hang around, BUT…

Is it as good as it could be? Is it really great? Is it something that’s absolutely thriving? What would it look like if it was?

Maybe, you’re not overweight… You’re healthy, you’re consistent with your training but you’re not really focusing as much on your nutrition as much as you feel you should.

Maybe you’re business is crushing it… You are super fit and healthy right now… But your relationship is a bit ordinary right now, you haven’t gone on a date with your partner for months…

Maybe you look great, the business is going well, having a great relationship with your wife and kids, but when it comes to your recovery and how much time you’re sleeping at night, maybe that’s not in order… Or that back pain niggle that you know you need to be proactive in treating, you keep ignoring…

What is ONE THING in your life that you can focus more on today, that weakest link… And knowing by doing that, it’s going to help everything else improve?

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