I’ve been working through a bunch of issues with the developers that helped create this website for the past SIX months.

Going backwards and forwards… And it’s clear that it’s out of their scope.

They kept telling me that they’ll get back to me and then they wouldn’t.

I would always have to chase them up.

They would keep saying,”We’ll fix it by next week.”

Another week goes by….

Nothing happens.

This has been going on for months.

Then, last week, FINALLY I woke up to myself!

“This clearly isn’t working.”

So then I outsourced it, got someone else to fix it, someone that’s a professional in the area that I wanted things done…

And it’s been fixed in three days (!).

Looking back to that experience that I just had, I was being the victim.

Hanging on to a sense of entitlement, telling myself that THEY created this site in the first place and I SHOULD get what I paid for.

And all my “shoulds” were holding me back from happiness.

I focused on being RIGHT.

Instead of focusing on what I WANTED.

While I am human, and want lots. Above all, I want the issue fixed so I can move on to more important things…

BUT, I was playing the victim.

Having a sense of pride trying to FORCE them to get it done.

If only I recognised when this was first happening.

Recognising that it wasn’t going to get fixed, and if it did, it was going to take forever… Even though it would have cost me more money to fix the issue, it would have been done a long time ago.

Looking back, I wonder how much it’s impacted me by not having this issue fixed months ago?

-the impact it has had on my productivity, taking me away from more important tasks
-the impact it has had on people visiting our site, and having issues
-the impact it has had on my energy and emotions, being brought down each time I thought about it.

So my question to you today is in regards to your life…

Maybe with your training, Maybe something external, maybe relationships. Maybe even with your finances and people that look after that aspect of your life…

Where are you holding onto things just because you feel like you SHOULD, when you know that you could perhaps be taking things to somewhere or someone else to get a better outcome?

I see this time and time again…

People that might own their business, and they’re with an accountant that clearly it’s beyond their scope now. With a guy that did your Mum’s taxes when she was 30, and they’re not giving you the best service… Always making mistakes, and they’re losing you money every financial year.

Likewise, I’ll see people that have an injury, and they’re going to see a physio that they’ve been seeing all their life. They have been seeing them for months and it hasn’t improved the slightest, but they feel a sense of obligation to just stay with them.

And finally, maybe when it does come to your health and fitness, maybe you’re not actually getting the results and the service that you’re after right now (or worse, you feel like you aren’t but don’t feel like you can mention it to them).

If one of the things that comes up is to finally get what you WANT with your health and fitness – find out how you can let us help support you with that here.

Have a think…

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How much is time costing you
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