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Client Achievements – 05-10-17

  • 5th Oct 2017
  • Kevin Tran

Great work to all our competitors at Ninja Wars over the weekend including our two awesome Teen Athletes Diego and Tee, everyone did amazing and represented us so well, we couldn ‘t be prouder! Theo down 6kg since he got a kick up the bum from Scott 3 weeks ago!  Jayde Robinson working out consistently … Continue reading “Client Achievements – 05-10-17”

“How Do I Increase My Willpower?”

  • 25th Aug 2017
  • Scott

I got asked this morning by a guy at the cafe how he can ‘increase his willpower’. He said he used to be heaps motivated to train and eat well when he was younger, around 18-25…. I asked why he did it… “I just used to train so I could look good and pick up … Continue reading ““How Do I Increase My Willpower?””

Hiding From The Facts

  • 28th Jul 2017
  • Scott

Just recently I was feeling pretty run down. I had a bunch of reasons why I was possibly feeling that way, but in my gut I just felt like things weren’t right… I had this feeling inside me that I should go get a blood test for weeks, but I kept on coming up with … Continue reading “Hiding From The Facts”

How Is Time Costing You?

  • 13th Jul 2017
  • Scott

I’ve been working through a bunch of issues with the developers that helped create this website for the past SIX months. Going backwards and forwards… And it’s clear that it’s out of their scope. They kept telling me that they’ll get back to me and then they wouldn’t. I would always have to chase them … Continue reading “How Is Time Costing You?”


  • 11th Jul 2017
  • Scott

Resistance is that obstacle, obstacle(s), hurdles, roadblocks that present themselves when you’re trying to accomplish something. It is most prevalent when the thing you are wanting to accomplish is a bit bigger than where you’re currently at. I want to give you the opportunity to laugh at me today. And share what I’ve been going … Continue reading “Resistance”

What I Learnt From My Fridge

  • 6th Jul 2017
  • Scott

Just recently I was moving a fridge into our house. Fortunately I had a bunch of mates that could help me with it. The thing with carrying a fridge, or anything really heavy, with a bunch of people, is if one person begins to slacken off, everyone else feels it straight away! In the military, … Continue reading “What I Learnt From My Fridge”