"How Do I Increase My Willpower?"

“How Do I Increase My Willpower?”

  • 25th Aug 2017
  • Scott

I got asked this morning by a guy at the cafe how he can ‘increase his willpower’.

He said he used to be heaps motivated to train and eat well when he was younger, around 18-25…. I asked why he did it…

“I just used to train so I could look good and pick up women”.

Now he is married with two kids – that isn’t a main driver anymore (thankfully).

It seems a bit funny to talk about it – but the truth is this happens all the time.

We have life events that change us, and our ‘WHY’ for things changes organically… sometimes without us even realising.

I see it all the time, people who get in a relationship begin to not focus on their health and how they look as much.

And that’s OK by me… I am not about how you look, more about how healthy you are and what you are capable of.

But here’s the thing… This guy just hasn’t found a new WHY for his training.

This is something I discuss in depth in my book that got released last week, Stop Stopping – How to Finally Break Free Of What’s Holding You Back – We released it to a small segment of our database and it sold out in under two days. You can go on the waitlist here.

With this guy at the cafe, he has his kids he is raising and currently not doing anything active with them, drinking coke all the time, and not eating healthy…

But when talking about his kids and me punching him in the face with how he is living his life so unhealthy, and how his kids are absorbing everything he does….

It began to shift straight away.

He isn’t just training for HIM anymore…

He is training for his family, his children…

Setting an example. Setting THE example.

LEADING THEM BY HIS ACTIONS – regardless if he wants to or not.

I asked him… In 5 years time if you don’t begin to make a change – what will things look like? when your kids are 9 and 6 and you aren’t bothered to play with them? When they are drinking coke and eating all the rubbish you are at the moment, getting tired all the time, unable to focus, not doing good at school….

He began to see what the future could look like. A future he has the power to change. Today.

So, to answer the question… Willpower isn’t something you are born with.

It is simply recognising how your actions impact what’s important to you…

95% of people who walk through the door want to ‘lose weight, tone up’ – this is the surface goal, it’s the tip of the iceberg…

Get clear on your REAL WHY – and you gain access to the 75% of the iceberg underneath the water… When you begin to own that you have fire and purpose behind everything that you do.

So today…

IF YOU ARE TRAINING – Have a think about WHY you really are… WHO benefits from you working on yourself? HOW will it impact yourself and them in the future?

IF YOU AREN’T TRAINING – Get clear on WHY you should look at doing something, WHO will you inspire, WHO will benefit from you looking after yourself? HOW will it impact their lives for the better? (and if you need help, reach out to us here)

Have a great day!

Scott Dillon
365 Performance

PS – Remember, if you aren’t on the waitlist for my book Stop Stopping – How to Finally Break Free Of What’s Holding You Backdo that now.