We understand how frustrating it can be to try and find a nutrition program that “works” for you.

You want to make a change, but there’s a problem…

  • You find yourself jumping from diet to diet

  • You have nobody to hold you accountable

  • There’s information overload

  • You don’t see any change from your hard work

  • You can’t find a plan that works with your lifestyle

  • Nobody is there to tell you exactly what to do

We get it – and we’re here to show you a better way.

Why Choose 365 Performance

5 Star Google Reviews
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Stop wasting your time with generic nutrition programs that don’t work long-term.

At 365 Performance, we have been working with our clients since 2010 to help find and create the nutritional approach that works best for them as the individual. The reason we have so many Success Stories is due to our unique approach.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Nutrition Coaching Program is like having your own Personal Nutrition Coach standing beside you 24/7.

Get a Personalised Plan – With Daily Support – And have your progress monitored weekly.

Individualised Nutrition Plan

Every individual has specific needs, and this is of absolute importance when it comes to nutrition. We don’t just take into account your current body composition and activity level. We review what you did in the past, as well as your current lifestyle.

Once we have all the facts, we devise a plan that is unique for you.

Personal Accountability

Knowing you are accountable to someone significantly improves your adherence to the program. We work closely to keep you focused and on track. There will be challenges, and we are here to support you when times are tough and overcome obstacles together as a team.

inbody 570 scan

State Of The Art Body Composition Technology

Our In-House InBody 570 Body Composition Scanner goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water.

All Nutrition Coaching Clients get scanned every month so that they can track their progress accurately. It allows us to provide you with a comprehensive report to show the specific changes with your body composition and prove our techniques and nutritional approach is working.

Proven Results

We have had fantastic success with people with all different body composition goals.

From those wanting to achieve significant weight loss, to tone up, add lean muscle and those who are needing specific nutritional coaching for increased performance with sports.

Long Term Success

Due to the way our nutrition program is structured, with a high emphasis on education and support, our clients don’t just achieve short-term results. They end up completely embodying the new nutritional practices into their daily lifestyle.

It means they don’t only achieve excellent results but also maintain them for life.

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

You deserve your own unique plan when starting – we make it easy.

1. Book A Free Intro

Have a chat with one of our friendly coaches, discuss your goals and see if we are a good fit.

2. Get Started

We’ll provide you with the necessary guidance to make an informed decision on which program suits you best.

3. Achieve Amazing Results

Our program guarantees results with a dedicated coach supporting your training, nutrition, and holding you accountable.

Results - Not Promises

“I used to go the the gym but had no idea what I was doing… I lost 22kg in the first 8 months here. My whole mindset has changed. I’m a better person and a better Father.”

Theo Karabetsos

“The best thing is I had my own Coach from the start… They taught me how to move safely & helped me with my own personal nutrition – I’ve lost over 15kg.”

Sabrina Loria-Brady
Maintenance Contracts

“The coaches here guide you through everything, they also help you with your nutrition. I’ve totally changed my body composition and inspired my Wife & Kids to join”

Jason Ognenovski
Business Owner

Working out with a friend guarantees someone to motivate you, challenge you, but more importantly push you to reach goals that may not have been imaginable 👯‍♀️⁠

Our group fitness classes mean you always have a friend by your side to keep you showing up and putting your best foot forward to each and every workout 🏋️⁠

Do you find it difficult to commit to a training program, 365 may be the place for you... We have classes to suit everyone`s schedule and a community of fit friends that are more than welcoming 🫀⁠

Need more info? Send us a message or check out the link in our bio for more info ✔️

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Who doesn’t love a bit of cardio 💨

While it can be boring or unappealing for some, the benefits of adding some cardio sessions into your week of workouts are unmatched 🔋

By adding a couple of sessions where your heart rate is elevated for extended periods of time the benefits include:

🫀Lowered risk of cardiovascular disease
🫁Increase lung capacity
⚖️Assistance in weight management
💤Improve quality of sleep and overall mood
🍭Improve control of blood sugar

We know running for 20 minutes can be very boring and sometimes seemingly unachievable for some. At 365 we incorporate workouts designed to build on your cardiovascular fitness throughout the week 🗓️

Plus the added incentive of training in a group setting means you’re all getting through the sweaty and slightly uncomfortable workout together! This makes time fly and before you know it you’re done and feel that much better for doing it ⚡️

Feel like you need to reinvigorate your workout routine? Why not give 365 a go heading into the new year! We’re a group of fitness focused individuals with coaches committed to providing individualised coaching in a group setting 🏋️‍♂️

Check out our page to see what we’re about or shoot us a DM for more info 📲

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How to know when to take a rest day 💤⁠

It`s a hard one, sometimes it`s good to push yourself into the uncomfortable... after all, progressive overload is the way to see improvements 📈⁠

However, too much overload can leaving you feeling flat and not seeing the results you`re after 🫠⁠

Some indicators that could suggest you may need a rest include...⁠

1. Persistent muscle fatigue and soreness 💪🏻⁠
2. Elevated resting heart rate ❤️‍🩹⁠
3. Difficulty sleeping 🛌⁠
4. Lack of motivation 😒⁠
5. Decreased performance 📉⁠

We know you may feel like this is halting your progress but, you`re allowing your body time to heal and reset ready for you to give it your all the next day!

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Happy Monday Fam ☀️⁠

Who`s ready to another great week in the gym, head over to wodify to see what`s in store 📲⁠

Be sure to plan out your workouts for the week to make sure you don`t miss out 📅⁠

We can`t wait to see you guys push yourselves 🔥

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Happy Sunday Everyone ☀️⁠

Sunday`s are best spent enjoying fresh air, good company and some well deserved rest 😴⁠

Spend some time stretching, rolling out, eating some good food and preparing for the week ahead 🔋⁠

See you tomorrow fam 👋

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Happy Saturday fam, we hope the weekend is full of rest and sunshine... We can`t wait to see you guys in for another week of fitness ☀️ ...

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A little tip for your Friday, here`s why you should pay more attention to your warm-up ✍️⁠

When you`re warming up for lifts it prepares more than just your muscles, more importantly it wakes up the central nervous system 🧠⁠

The central nervous system is the big communicator sending signals to and from your muscles and interpreting the environment around you 🌿⁠

This is key as it sets up the movement patterns that allow you to hit those lifts, particularly once they get a bit heavier... it helps your body recognise those key queues that lead to pretty looking and feeling lifts 🏋️⁠

Just some food for thought for your Friday, maybe something to think about as we enter the next week of our training cycle to make the most of your sessions 💪🏻

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8 years, that`s the product of fitness becoming a lifestyle 🌿⁠

Life gets busy but it`s pretty amazing to see our members staying committed to their health through it all 🫁⁠

"Group training that feels like personal training" sums up the 365 experience. Through our sessions our skilled coaches always find time to motivate, correct and more importantly build relationships with each of our members 🫂⁠

We LOVE that our members are loving their training ❤️‍🔥⁠

Need to try something new? Maybe you want to take that step and prioritise your fitness, or maybe you need something to motivate you that little bit extra... Here at 365 we can provide all of that and so much more ✨⁠

Send us a message or head to our profile and hit that link to find out more info and let YOUR fitness become a goal heading into the new year 💪🏻

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Get into the best shape of your life.

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Chipping Norton, Moorebank, Holsworthy, Hammondville, Liverpool, Warwick Farm.

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