Meet Jason.

?‍?‍?‍? Business Owner, Married & Father of two beautiful kids
⏳ Hadn’t trained for over six years
? Put on 15kg, had no energy, and didn’t like the way he looked or felt
? Didn’t know if he could do the training we offered or if he was fit enough to start (a common misconception from lots of people!)

Since starting with us at 365 Performance this absolute legend has…
⭐️ Looked and felt the best he has his entire life – Dropped the excess body fat, added a HEAP of lean muscle, and is full of energy
⭐️ Inspired his Wifey to join – The kids are more active and play with him in the gym too
⭐️ Just came 77th in the CrossFit Open Australia 35-39 division
⭐️ Last week back squatted 152kg for 15 reps unbroken ?
⭐️ Continues to inspire every member with his consistency and attitude towards training
…and make everyone jealous of his epic squat ?

Jason just gets it done no matter what.

And you can get results like this too if you commit. ?

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These meetings are one on one with one of our friendly and knowledgeable coaches and last for around 30 minutes.

Don’t be like others who spent years ‘thinking’ about it. They ended up just being in worse shape than they are now.

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