Meet Theo.

? Accountant – In the office sitting down all day
?‍♀️ Father of two young girls
? Was 20kg overweight, had low confidence and no energy throughout the day
? Hadn’t trained for six years – before that he went to a conventional gym and saw no results
? Was intimidated and scared about starting something new and didn’t know if he would fit in

Theo loved how we worked with him 1-1 from the start. From the initial consult where we got to know each other better, to spending the time in private to teach him how to move correctly. It made him fit in and feel confident from day one.

Since starting, some of the things Theo is most proud of…
⭐️ Losing 22kg in the first 8 months – Completely changing how he looked and felt!
⭐️ Having levels of confidence and energy he never thought possible
⭐️ Being the strongest and fittest he has ever been (Like a fine red wine, keeps getting better with age ?)
⭐️ All the amazing like-minded friends he has made
⭐️ But above all he is most proud of the example he has set for his two young beautiful girls that have their Father living a happy healthy life ❤️️

Theo is a legend. To see where he is at now, from the guy who walked in initially… It’s very special.

In a nutshell:
Theo now = Healthier. Stronger. More friends. Better Father.

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