Meet Sabrina!

?‍? BUSY! Works 45-50hrs a week – Sedentary at a desk or on the road meeting clients for lunch/coffee.
?‍♀️ Hadn’t trained for a long time (and when she did, she never saw any results)
? Didn’t know what to do with her training and nutrition to get the results she was after

5 months since starting with us at 365 Performance and this amazing lady has…

⭐️ Run 30km
⭐️ Found a nutritional approach that is sustainable and allows her to see consistent progress
⭐️ Deadlifted 90kg x2 – Strongest she has ever been
⭐️ Looks amazing – Toned up, Dropped body fat, Increased lean muscle
⭐️ Been super consistent with training for the first time in her life
⭐️ Made heaps of new like-minded friends
…and made everyone jealous of her amazing accent ?

Sabrina is a legend – Just like you can be! ?

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