We know some of the biggest worries people have about starting with us are if they can “survive” all the workouts. It is a legitimate concern when starting something new – and we are proud that our professional coaches expertly customise your training and personally coach you to ensure exercises are challenging, yet doable, and safe for each individual.

The way we do things at 365 Performance is all about doing things the proper way, to set you up for success from day one:

  1. An in-depth movement and mobility assessment before you start
  2. Teaching you how to move safely, efficiently and confidently before you even think about lifting any weights
  3. Scaling exercises to your limitations – so you don’t do too much too soon and cause injury
  4. Having standards before you progress into more advanced movements (e.g. having a certain amount of strength and mobility pre-requisites before you learn more challenging exercises)

It’s because of the above we don’t do free trials. We also don’t have people start our classes before any assessment and on-boarding. We would much rather have fewer clients and take the time to set you up for success – than rush things at the start like other facilities do and have you get injured and in worse shape than before you started.

Due to our focus on proper standards and technique, you don’t have to worry about getting injured. What you will learn about safely moving your body will both strengthen you and give you the knowledge to prevent injuries.