I remember years back, the word ‘affirmation’ used to be one of those things I shrugged off that crazy people did in personal development cults.

Then one day it dawned on me the amount of negative self-limiting ones I declared every day unknowingly.

  • I’m terrible at remembering people’s names
  • The end of the month is always so busy and stressful
  • Look at that guy in his nice car trying to show off
  • I can’t help it but snack at night
  • I always have something get in the way when training is going really good

I would tell the people around me in conversation.

I would also tell myself the same thing when I was alone.

Affirming it.

And then I began to notice things a little more.

The person, who had a fair amount of weight to lose, would see a friend doing their best to live a healthy lifestyle and create a change and pay them out. “Why are you being one of THOSE people, going to the gym all the time and being one of THOSE crazy people bringing in their food from home and eating all that plain old boring stuff!”

Doing the stuff they personally needed to do in order to create change.

The lady who so desperately wanted to lean up would see another lady in public, with an amazing body, dressed up looking nice with not much on – and label her a “skinny xxxx” instead of appreciating how hard she may have worked and the time dedicated to look like that.

To look like how she wanted.

The guy – who wanted to fully dedicate himself to compete in CrossFit and do the best he possibly can in the Opens. Who would see one of the guys at regionals and say “everyone at regionals is on steroids”, instead of recognising the amazing dedication and commitment required to train so consistently, for so long, while managing all other areas so they can continue to improve and perform at the level they are now.

The level that he wanted to be at.

Then there are the more basic ones, not directed at anyone in particular but simply blanket things we tell ourselves that are untrue;

  • Eating healthy is boring
  • Exercise is really hard for me
  • I always fall off the wagon after a few weeks

We all have our own vices.

What’s your main one?

…And what do we do to overcome them?

The first step is becoming aware of it.

This can have a drastic impact just by itself.

For a gold star – Write your main negative affirmation down.

Now go to town and come up with 20+ reasons why doing X is actually the opposite of your current, negative belief.

To give you some idea to get you started;

– Eating healthy is boring

+ It’s exciting to be able to learn new ways to cook again and learn healthier options for meals and make them taste amazing
+ I’m proud that by eating healthy I am also impacting and inspiring my family to live a healthier life.
+ I love how much more focused I am at work when I eat healthy and don’t fall asleep at 2pm from my sugar crash
+ I am so proud that by learning to eat healthy I get to also help my children feel better and live a healthier lifestyle from this early age
+ By eating healthy I really enjoy clothes shopping and not having to worry about if I need to get larger sized clothes
+ I love finding new healthy recipes that taste amazing and sharing with my friends and getting to teach them
+ It’s great how my coach tells me healthy options I can have when I go out to dinner, that taste amazing and still get me the results I want
+ I love how people come up to me and say how well I am looking since I have been eating healthy

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