Aim BIG.

Why are you/we scared to aim big… like really big?

Is it because we want to be realistic?

Ask yourself this, do you know what your limits are truly?

Matter of fact none of us do, so why are we worried about what’s realistic?

The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves.

There was a time when man wasn’t meant to fly or be able to breathe under water.

There was a time doctors said it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes and that you would die trying. Then one person did it, and another, and another and many since…

1.5 years ago I could snatch 80kg as a maximum and thought I had reached my potential (self-imposed limit) and would never have thought I would be able to snatch 100kg+ now.

Aim big and you will not only achieve much more but also learn a lot about yourself along the way.

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