Are you experiencing knee pain when sitting down for extended periods, during squats, or just moving around?   We have a few quick and simple tips you can use to stop the pain.   If you can’t be bothered with explanations, skip all the way down to the end of the article!

What Causes Your Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be a result of the knee cap (patella) not tracking along the groove on the end of the thigh bone (femur).

Why Wouldn’t Your Knee Cap Track Correctly?

Your inner medial quadricep (vastus medialis obliqus) muscle is being dominated by your outer lateral quadricep (vastus lateralis), which would pull your knee cap laterally (towards the outer side).

Your medial quadriceps can be weakened from things such as trauma on the knee (e.g. falling on the knee), swelling in the knee area, inadequate loading with squat or lunge technique, or an excessively tight outer quadricep muscle.

How to Stop Knee Pain in 3 Easy Steps.

***You should aim to do these 3 steps at least 2 or 3 times a week, before or after training.

1.    Foam Roll the TFL (Tensor Fasciae Latae)

Where is the TFL?

The TFL can be located at the outer side of the hip crease.

Grab a foam roller and place it at your hip crease area, lean your chest towards the floor, and roll up and down along it. Spend at least a minute on the affected side.

2.    Foam Roll the Outer Lateral Quadricep (Vastus Lateralis)

Grab a foam roller and place it at the side of your thigh and roll up and down along it. Spend at least a minute on the affected side.

3.    Activate the VMO (Muscle on the inside of the knee)

Grab a foam roller and place it under your knee. You can do this while sitting on the floor, or sitting on a chair. Your aim is to straighten your knee and tense your VMO muscle, hold for a second, and then relax. Repeat for 10 reps for the affected knee for 3 sets.

This is only the beginning of some very basic things we do with our clients to see some relief. We hope you can apply some of these principles to your training and really improve your knee pain.

Remember to be patient and consistent to reap the long-term benefits!

If you need any more help, please just reach out!

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