Cheat Meals Are Good For You

Cheat Meals Are Good For You

  • 30th Jun 2017
  • Kevin Tran

If you are interested in general health and well-being, we recommend eating a mostly Paleo diet (eating clean) in other words, eating meat and vegetables and limiting fried foods, sugar, dairy and grains.

Cheat meals ARE good for you! They are good for the brain and they are helpful in restoring glycogen in your muscle stores. Glycogen is the form of sugar our body uses. Our bodies turn glucose into it’s most usable form, glycogen. With an increase in carbs or calories, this tops up our glycogen stores, so after a cheat meal you may notice you are feeling stronger and more powerful in a workout, you may also notice that you are hungrier the day after a cheat meal. This could be down to the additional calories you fed your body the day before, as a ‘re-feed’ helps to increase all hormone levels. Hunger is a hormone called Ghrelin – which is controlled by our master hormone, Leptin.

We recommend clean eating 80-90% of the time and eating 10-20% of your meals as ‘unclean’ or ‘cheat’ foods. If you eat 42 meals per week (that’s 6 small meals per day), you can have 4 cheat meals per week! That is eating 90% clean! How good is that?! This is manageable, right? Always remember how your plate should be set out as we have prescribed in our previous article ‘Why are Carbs, Fats and Proteins Good For You’. Make sure you still have protein as the base of the meal, so you still have great energy, maintain body composition and keep blood sugar stable. If bread/gluten doesn’t work for you, there are still lots of yummy gluten free cheats you can have!

Eating Paleo can be hard to sustain when meeting up with friends, eating out, or special occasions, so save your ‘cheat’ meals for those special occasions, or weekends – so look ahead and PLAN your week!

We love:

> Grilled burgers with a gluten free bun, the zucchini fries and their regular fries are the bomb!!

> Natural peanut butter on toast, but have it on gluten free bread, with all natural peanut butter. We recommend Protein Bread Co or Pure Bread GF Bread!

> Get a steak, and have the fries! Or ditch the fries and have an alcoholic beverage or dessert instead.


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