Are you are sick and tired of going through the motions with old school training that isn’t getting results?

Do you want to be challenged to take your fitness to the next level?

Regardless if you are a complete newbie or training for years…

365 Performance Chipping Norton & Milperra is for you!

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Our programs are designed to make our members achieve optimal health and performance. As everyone walking through our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels, our program is flexible and designed to meet those needs. Our group coaching program is like having your own personal trainer but in a group environment.

Our coaches are highly qualified, on a continual education development curriculum with 365 Performance. They haven’t just done a CrossFit course and are now coaching.

They all have with their own specialisations – Weight Loss, Performance, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Sports Nutrition, and Body Composition. All have vast real-world experiences ranging from competing nationally in Olympic lifting, losing over 40kg, competing in CrossFit competitions, climbing in the Himalayas, physique competitions, marathons and powerlifting competitions.

They meet you on your level.


Before you start our CrossFit Classes we take you through a structured onboarding process where we assess you personally and identify if you have areas of weakness or imbalance (we work with you closely to address these issues) and go through all the movements in our training program in a small intimate environment so you feel confident, know what you are doing and how to move safely from day one.



Once you being our regular sessions you will be training relative to your current capacity.

We have three different levels of training, that meet you where you are at now (no being thrown in the deep end):

FITNESS – These sessions exist to create balance, foundational strength and work capacity. Quality of movement rather than speed of movement. Ideal for beginners – those who are completely new to training, have previous injuries, or are coming back to training after a long time off.

RX – We begin to build on the foundations you created in the FITNESS program and begin to work on your ability to lift faster and heavier under fatigue while maintaining good technique. The volume of work is higher here relative to the FITNESS program and the intensity level rises. The level of complexity of the movements also increases. Ideal for those who have a foundation of general strength training, are quite active and have a decent work capacity.

COMPETITOR – For those who have a high level of strength and work capacity, this program challenges even the most advanced athlete. The complexity, volume and intensity is highest in this program and significantly more challenging than our RX program. Ideal for those who have extremely high levels of proficiency in all modalities of training, sound recovery practices and long-term experience with our group training program.


Regardless of your level, our sessions will be lead by our knowledgeable coaches through a series of stages of fitness and recovery:

  • Warm Up – A specialised, thorough warm-up to open up your joints and get your body ready for the session ahead.
  • Skill/Strength Training – This might be anything from simple bodyweight gymnastics movements like the Squat, Push up, Pullup (or working towards getting you one!) to more advanced Olympic Lifting movements like the Clean & Jerk. If you are new we would assist you with simpler variations, so one day down the track you will be able to do these movements.
  • The Workout – This might be any combination of gymnastics, running, rowing, riding, jumping, squatting, kettlebells, throwing, Olympic weightlifting, and more. We mix them all up based on where we are in our program. The majority of the workouts are time based – so we all finish at the same time and simply do what we are capable of in that timeframe on that day (so no, you aren’t finishing 20 min after everyone else if you are deconditioned).
  • Cool-Down & Mobility/Stretching – Mobility drills and stretching are important to restore and improve function of joints, as well as post-workout recovery techniques, which prepare you for your next workout.


All while being a part of our Motivating, Welcoming and Supportive Community – Our group classes in Chipping Norton & Milperra are great for maintaining motivation while continuing your health and fitness journey.

There are no mirrors and everybody knows each other’s name and supports each other. Friendships grow and are cemented by training alongside others who work hard and are driven just like you. There is no better way to stay on track with your health and fitness goals then to be surrounded by people who want the same thing – which is to improve constantly and be the best they possibly can.


This is the biggest misconception about us. People think they need to be ‘super fit’ before they start training.

That is the equivalent of saying you want to run a marathon, but you are going to start swimming for two months to get ‘super fit’ before you start running!

The best way to get ‘super fit’ is to start moving – here at 365 Performance we meet you where you are at right NOW and treat everyone as an individual. If you haven’t done anything for a long time (or at all) the last thing we would want you to do is do 1,000 squats and burpees on your first session and not be able to move for a month and never come back again! It’s all about creating the space for you to have success after success each time you train with us.

We get you to ramp your intensity up as you build your foundation of fitness, mobility and strength – no being thrown in the deep end doing stuff you aren’t ready for!

It’s a sad fact but the truth is 90% of the population have injuries these days. We work with people who have had disc bulges, back surgery, knee reco’s, arthritis, strokes, dislocations, etc…

The first thing we do at 365 Performance is run you through an in-depth movement and mobility assessment to see where you are at. From this a lot of people who don’t have any injuries find out that they have areas of imbalance that would eventually lead to an injury if we didn’t pick it up first!

Most injuries and issues we have with our bodies come from areas of imbalance and weakness. We pick these up and put a plan in place to fix and manage them. At the same time any areas of concern that are identified are simply let known to the coaches so they can amend the sessions accordingly. You don’t need to worry if you have dodgy knees or a bad back – we make it work!

A common misconception with training in general is that you need to train 5-7 days per week – That couldn’t be further from the truth!

On average our clients train with us 3x per week and get amazing results. It isn’t about quantity but QUALITY.

You are able to train with us 6 days per week (Mon-Sat) if you like, and many of our clients do as our weekly program is structured and periodised… But if you are new to training or don’t have heaps of time 3 sessions per week coupled with focusing on our nutrition practices is more than enough to get the results you are after.

Yes, you will get injured if you do CrossFit… If you are thrown in the deep-end and get told to do everything that people who have been there for years are doing and don’t have a strong foundation, are doing too much too soon, aren’t coached properly, or train at a gym that doesn’t have any standards or is run by a person who has just done some weekend course (this happens far too often).

The way we do things at 365 Performance is all about doing things the right way, to set you up for success from day one:

  1. A proper movement and mobility assessment on your body first
  2. Teaching you how to move safely and efficiently before you even think about lifting anything heavy
  3. Scaling the workouts so you don’t do too much too soon and cause injury
  4. Having standards before you progress into more advanced movements (eg: having a certain amount of pull-ups before you learn to kip, having certain mobility pre-requisites before you squat snatch)

It’s because of the above we don’t do free trials, or have people start our classes before any assessment and on-boarding. We would much rather take the time at the beginning to set you up for success than rush things at the start like other facilities do and have you get injured a couple of weeks in.

We have many clients come to us from other facilities where the coach seemed to have some issues with their ego and got excited from making people vomit out the front or not be able to walk for 3 weeks.

This is never beneficial for anyone looking to actually get results from their training as the stress on the nervous system and the body is far too detrimental.

We progress the intensity level as you progress with your fitness level. During the first couple of weeks we would much rather you leave your session feeling like you could have done more than crawling out of here… The former keeps you driven to come back for more, while the latter makes it 100x easier for you to bail and give up.

It’s really simple. Just organise a FREE CONSULT. From there we will discuss your goals, training history, and decide which one of our on-boarding options are best for you to start with us.

strength milp

Our 365 Performance Community

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.⠀


Reps for the bodyweight movements can be completed in any sequence.⠀
Modified movement for Pull-Ups: Heavy KB Swings, Bent Over Rows, Heavy DB Deadlift or Ring Rows⠀


1 Mile Run⠀
5 Pull Option⠀
10 Push-Ups⠀
15 Squats⠀
1 Mile Run⠀

We hope you can join us today in participating in MURPH AND LET US KNOW YOUR TIME👇⠀


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Even though the weather was a doozy🌦☔️ this workout is not! Easy to modify and you can go as hard or as easy as you want! Soooo good!!⠀



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Do you miss being coached as much as we miss coaching?! ⠀

Give this WOD a try at home and let us know how you went👇🤩⠀

1:00 - DB Thrusters⠀
1:00 - DB Sumo Deadlift High Pull⠀
1:00 - Up-Downs⠀
1:00 - DB Push Press⠀
1:00 - Double Unders⠀

-1:00 Rest b/t Rounds-⠀



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#365Performance has adapted to the new restrictions! ⠀

Great to see our clients sweat it out together in groups under 10👏🏼💪🏼⠀
There is light at the end of the tunnel and we all can’t WAIT to get back to the gym. BUT for now, this is the best we can do given the current situation and we are lovingggg the strong #365 community spirit!! 💙🌈⠀


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For anyone facing a difficult situation, difficult day(s), difficult thoughts.. You’ve. Got. this. 💪🏼⠀
Try to find little opportunities to be grateful, positive and humble this week✨⠀


From everyone at #365Performance, we hope everyone is doing as well as they can be💙⠀


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If you’re stuck on a weekend workout, give this one a go and let us know what weight you got to!👇👇⠀



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Have you moved today? 🤸🏾‍♀️⠀

If you’re stuck on a mid-week workout idea, give this one a go from our CrossFit program today! 👇⠀

5 Rounds for time:⠀
• 400m run⠀
• 14 DB reverse lunges⠀
• 14 DB push press⠀
(M) 16kg / (F) 12kg ⠀


Feeling tired, sore or just unmotivated to train? ⠀
ITS OKAY! We all have those days😴⠀
Try a light walk to just get your body moving! It will thank you for it later✨⠀


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