CrossFit – Don’t join a CrossFit they say! How wrong they were!

As a Teenager I was as thin as a twig and could run, man I could run. 80km a week with my Dad following me every night in his work van to make sure I was ok. I was extremely fit and happy with a lot of success with my sport, one year I even ran the City 2 Surf in 51 minutes. As the years went on though and I finished school and started work I found myself moving away from my dedication and commitment to sport and moving more towards work and study to set myself up with a sustainable career.

As I moved into my career I spent more time and energy behind a computer than on a sporting field or in a gym. I didn’t make the effort when it came to healthy living either, even though I was still playing weekly sport. I was working all week and was a party boy drinking and eating whatever I wanted without thinking about it on the weekends after sport. I knew that I need to change and make the effort to look after myself, but couldn’t find the balance and make the time for it to happen and that trend continued for the next decade or 2. My health wasn’t given the respect of being one of my highest priorities and it shows.

In December 2014 I lost my Dad suddenly, he was my best mate and he was only 68. It scared me, I was a spitting image of my old man, and it was like they kept the mould from him and used it for me. It changed me but not straight away, even though I have 2 young children myself I kept pushing myself at work with an extremely poor diet, too much drinking (which was my coping mechanism) and absolutely no exercise. It wasn’t until May 2015 when I had my own health scare that I accepted I was in a bad place and needed to make a decision about what my priorities in life needed to be.

In May 2016, I quit my job. It took me the best of 12 months to summon up the courage but I did it without another job or what I would do in the future. It was a big risk but we decided it was time for me to bite the bullet and deal with my health, Enter 365 Performance / CrossFit Chipping Norton. I had been thinking about joining for 12 months, I had seen the ads on Social Media and read the testimonials on the website and liked what I saw. My work friends kept telling “Don’t join CrossFit gym”. You just get injured all the time and you’ll end up hurt and never lose any weight. In July I signed up for the 21 Day Challenge. I was pumped!

No injuries to date, I’ve got no idea what my friends talking about. Of course, I have aches and pains after all those years of running on roads and carrying excess weight my knees struggle at times. Doesn’t stop me from working out though, experienced coaches who closely monitor technique for all their clients and guide and assist you to learn and develop the correct movements. If I can’t do an exercise, the coaches give me alternatives that take into consideration my limitations or weaknesses so I can build up the strength where 1 day soon I will be able to do it. We dedicate time each session preparing for the movements, stretching and mobilising the specific muscles.

CrossFit Chipping Norton was the best decision I have made in a long time, in hindsight I should have done it 15+ years ago. I am now working out Monday thru Friday, enjoying myself whilst I am doing it and achieving awesome results. The sense of community and morale you get from the joint is infectious and inspiring, coaches and fellow trainers, pushing each other to get the session done. The coaches are there with you every step of the way, getting that little bit more out of you, giving advice on your technique or just motivating you to support you through.

CrossFit isn’t just a gym, Scott and the coaches go above and beyond. Educational Seminars on Nutrition, meal preparation and food shopping. Awesome coaches who dedicate their time to provide specific 1-on-1 mentoring. How many gyms have you been to where they call you regularly to catch up? Have a laugh, check on how you are feeling, are you holding firm and eating right, are you turning up to training and why not if you haven’t?

I can’t speak highly enough of the team at 365 Performance, the 21 Day Challenge saw me lose 7.8kg and 7.5 cm off my waist. It is now 4 weeks later on and I have increased that weight loss to nearly 13 kg and 13 cm off my waist. I have a meal plan for each week, clean and regular eating, lots more water and I am even taking recommended supplements. I have more energy and feel the best I have in years. I’m a new man and loving life again after only 7 weeks with 365 Performance.

I can’t thank you all enough!

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