Meet Kerri

She’s only been with us a few months but her attitude and dedication is amazing!

She’s suffered from patellofemoral her entire life and after having competed in race walking for many years, required surgery on both knees due to increased pain and subluxation issues.

She had lost confidence in the strength and stability of her legs, especially when leaving the floor (jumping), and grew frustrated with being unable to train the way she wanted to. 

She wasn’t used to resistance training prior to training with us and through a holistic approach based on technique, steady progression and mobility protocols she is now at a point where she is training and feeling alot stronger in her knees, even skipping with ease!

This is only the beginning as we continue to develop her confidence and strength to be even better and stronger, we have now also added a new goal towards working on her upper body strength also!

Can’t wait to see your progress Kerri, you are an inspiration!

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