BIG congratulations to one of our PT clients Jordan for all his hard work this year, he was rewarded for his efforts recently and is now a Titleist FG sponsored athlete!

Jordan, a budding young competitive golfer from the area came to us through word of mouth earlier this year to see how we could help his game. Jordan had a lot of structural balance issues, a poor base and a lot of mobility issues. Through 2x PT sessions a week and nutritional guidance, Jordan has increased his strength significantly, increased the range of motion in his shoulders and hips, and strengthened up his core and lower back so that now he no longer feels crippled after a 3 hour driving range practice session.

Some of his recent progress results include:
Front Squat – 80kg 1RM (he struggled with 40kg initially)
Push Press – 50kg 3RM (up from 30kg)
Sideplank – 1:07 on left, 1:14 on right (his core strength has come a long way as he was struggling to hit 30-40 seconds initially) Weight/measurements – up 7kg, and up a few cms around his shoulders and chest. He now has more muscle and he is filling out nicely!

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