I decided to train at 365 Performance because I wanted to improve the image of the person that I saw in the mirror, not just physically but mentally. Until recently, I had played sport my whole life and when I stopped that’s when I noticed a massive decrease in my ability and motivation. The attitude I had towards my body was terrible.

Starting at CrossFit was at first a daunting experience, however walking into the gym and seeing how keen every single person was to succeed let me know that I had made the right choice in joining. My fitness level was at the worst it had ever been. I remember the numerous amount of times that I could only complete half of the daily workout because my body/mind was too fatigued. I also remember a period I went through where I did not get off the Airdyne without spewing. I only spew sometimes now, so this is my indication of an improvement!

Niggling injuries have been my biggest setback whilst training at CrossFit. These injuries have occurred previously and are again something that has been taken into account by both Scott and Josh. My lower back has given me grief due to my previous job as a mechanic and my right knee has suffered from playing soccer for 17 years. The guys have helped me recover from these injuries and have showed me many exercises that strengthen and condition the problems areas which has given me the confidence to complete the workouts at 100% effort.

Scotty has given me nothing but words of praise since I first started about 6 months ago .His ability to bring the best out in people when they are training is awesome. The whole time I have been training I have never been made to feel like I could not achieve great things. It has taken a while but I have noticed some massive improvements. I have slowly but surely lost a total of 8kgs and have never felt this good.

Big things to come!