Looking back, 5 years ago I could not do 1 pullup, 1 pushup or run 100m! I could not squat down and stay there, let alone think about weighted squats. All this for not doing anything, no physio, no rehab for 5 years after my motorbike accident that I had 10 years ago.

Before the accident I was always into sport, playing cricket and basketball, but the accident affected me not just physically but also mentally. I got more and more lazy and put on around 15 Kgs!

I Started with 365 Performance a year ago and I have to say I have never felt fitter in my life before!

I have always wanted to be stronger and faster, and was not happy having to scale most of the workouts, so started the personalised program that was offered. That was around 20 weeks ago. I have found new PRs in every single lift and movement since then. I have been eating clean (mostly) and have been getting advice from both Josh and Scott about nutrition.

365 Performance is not only a great place to train but all the people are supportive, encouraging and it is like a family. Scott is an excellent coach, a coach who listens before giving advice, one with a great eye for detail and who is always pushing you to extend your limits (or what you think your limits are).