2016 NSW Olympic Weightlifting Senior State Champ 85kg class
Head Coach 365 Performance Barbell Club (NSW Weightlifting Affiliated Club)
CrossFit Level 1 Course (5 years + experience)
AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach Licence
Kendrick Farris Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
StrongFit Seminar
Powerlifting Training Seminar
OPEX Level 1 Assessment Module
OPEX Level 1 Program Design Module
OPEX Level 1 Life Coaching Module
Jon North Attitude Nation Weightlifting Level 1 Seminar
CrossFit Football (Power Athlete) Course
Cert III in Fitness
Cert IV in Fitness
Senior First Aid

With a background in competitive sports (basketball) I was looking for a new challenge from the regular boring gym routine and what I had seen of CrossFit online through videos and articles had piqued my curiosity. After making the jump and joining under Scott at 365 Performance, CrossFit Chipping Norton, what I found was a program that was varied, challenging and effective, it got me fitter and stronger than I had ever been and fast.

Since becoming a coach I have been so grateful to be a part of and witnessing so many positive changes in people’s lives, it is not just the physical changes that are amazing but the mental and spiritual. I have seen shy males and females go from standing in the corner of the room quietly to building so much self-confidence in themselves that they are now impacting others positively as a result. This, I believe is not just from ‘training’ but from the environment here at 365 Performance, these are changes that will stay with them forever, such is the infectious nature of the gym!

I would say my coaching philosophy is to try and keep things simple and effective, all the technical textbook terms and knowledge in the world won’t help the average Joe who is just trying to lose some weight unless I can pass that knowledge on in a way that he or she can understand and connect with. I’m always trying to find new ways to make things work for people in the most efficient way because everyone is different. My passions lie in Olympic Weightlifting (technique, technique, technique!) and helping people get stronger, especially with squats!