New To Health And Fitness?

It’s scary starting something new.

And the media and certain other places don’t do the best job to ensure your success. Many of them aren’t really interested in knowing about your previous history, any limitations you have, and teaching you how to move safely. They just throw you in and hope you can make it out feeling OK.

Most gyms are made for meat heads and fitness bunnies…

Not 365 Performance.

At the end of the day, you just want to start to see results, have more energy, to start feeling better and not fail.

We understand.

Our method sets you up for success. We make you feel at home from day one when you have your initial consultation in private with our head coach. It’s a casual chat to discuss your history and goals – we basically see if we’re a good fit for each other.

If we are, we then do things the proper way.

Our initial assessment identifies any areas of imbalance that could cause injury – it doesn’t matter what the outcome, the whole idea is that we know about it so we can fix it BEFORE a problem arises!

Feel confident – not silly.

Our new client on-boarding process focuses on safe, efficient movement. We educate you all along the way. We ensure you aren’t just doing something correctly but also make sure you know WHY you are doing it!

We don’t have you doing anything you aren’t ready for, and ensure you see success from day one.

As a side note: What we find in more cases than not, is from being a ‘newbie’ and a blank canvas, you have no bad habits that we need to fix! Most of the time you move better than the majority of people.

Your Journey…

When you start your journey with us we have you training with other complete beginners at the same time. We have found this really beneficial, especially in the early stages as you are both going through the same experience as a group which really helps you form a strong bond with other members of our community which are there for the same reason as yourself.

All of our current coaches have been a part of our facility for many years, originally coming in as clients with their own personal goals and ended having such a life-changing experience they decided to make it their life and career. This allows them to have much greater empathy with new clients like yourself as they not only ‘walk the walk’ but have also been in your shoes when they first started all those years ago, so they understand how you feel and are really passionate about ensuring you feel comfortable from day one.

We have a bunch of other resources to ensure you get the success you are after, like our mentor program that allows you to work closely with one of our main coaches face to face outside of the regular sessions, our online education portal, as well as nutrition and lifestyle seminars.

Don’t wait for another year go by and allow things to keep getting worse…

We have had many clients in our years of being around that have taken close to two years to step through the door. Try not to be like that 🙂

We encourage you to fill out the form on this page and come in for a Free Intro Session.

We can have a casual, no-pressure chat and see if we are a good fit for each other. If we aren’t we, will let you know and it will be one less thing you have to think about!