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Have you struggled with reaching your fitness goals in the past? Have you not found the right Personal Trainer to help you achieve the results you want?

Having success with your health and fitness can be a complicated process because it requires commitment and motivation. But more importantly, it requires someone in your corner to help support you and hold you accountable.

One of the reasons why so many people fail to reach their goals is because they don’t have the right support system in place. They can’t stay motivated and don’t know which exercises would benefit their body and help get good results.

At 365 Performance, we provide expert personal training in the Milperra area that will help you reach your fitness goals and keep you motivated.

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What Can You Expect From Our Milperra Personal Trainers?

Our Experienced Personal Trainers take their job very seriously and always aim to offer you the best experience possible. They have years of experience in the fitness industry and have worked with all different kinds of clients.

Their main goal is to help and support you as much as possible, and be your personal guide on your fitness journey.

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Here are some things you can expect from our Personal Training in Milperra:

  • Accountability – We hold you accountable to make sure you progress and see success in achieving your goals. Our trainers will work closely with you and help you conquer challenging milestones and plateaus. They monitor your progress weekly and give you feedback. They’ll make sure you progress steadily and don’t injure yourself on the way to reaching your goals. Our trainers will also offer comprehensive feedback on your general level of fitness and success with the training program. It allows us to optimise the plan for your needs and make changes wherever required.
  • Personal Attention – Different people have different fitness needs, and we recognise that. Our goal is to offer tailored services that suit your needs and ensure you get the right results. We’ll provide advice on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and training practices so that you see an improvement in your overall health. Our expert Milperra Personal Trainers will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help you reach your goals without falling off the wagon.
  • For Everyone – We don’t expect our clients to be the complete picture of health when they walk into our gym. Our Personal Trainers have worked with people with different fitness requirements and goals. We’ve worked with athletes as well as people who’re overweight or elderly. You can walk into our gym and get training from our expert personal trainers regardless of where you stand in matters of fitness. We’re here to help.
  • Guaranteed Results – We offer a money-back guarantee on our personal training in Milperra because we’re confident in our services. Your trust and confidence in our service is vital to us, so we design programs and recommend solutions that work. If you work with us and follow our programs, you’ll see good results, or we give you your money back!

Don’t believe us? Just read the Success Stories from our clients. Most of them worked with us doing 1-1 Personal Training when they originally started with us. You’ll see that we deliver on our promises and help our clients achieve the results they are after! If you want to know more about our services, Find out more about our Personal Training Programs here. You can also call us on 02 9725 6189 and we’ll be happy to hear from you and have a chat!

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Results - Not Promises

“I used to go the the gym but had no idea what I was doing… I lost 22kg in the first 8 months here. My whole mindset has changed. I’m a better person and a better Father.”

Theo Karabetsos

“The best thing is I had my own Coach from the start… They taught me how to move safely & helped me with my own personal nutrition – I’ve lost over 15kg.”

Sabrina Loria-Brady
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“The coaches here guide you through everything, they also help you with your nutrition. I’ve totally changed my body composition and inspired my Wife & Kids to join”

Jason Ognenovski
Business Owner

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