Failed Previously? It’s not your fault.

This upsets us so much because it happens way too often.

You really want to make a change but you tried previously and failed. It has now left you scared that you will fail again, or have another bad experience.

We know how it goes… You begin with great intentions “I will make this work – no matter what!”.

You walk in, and feel like you don’t fit in… You don’t feel confident.

But you still do your best. You try real hard and after a few days (maybe weeks if you’re really lucky) you’re either super tired and/or injured.

You miss a day…

Compounding that you look at yourself in the mirror one morning and don’t really see much – if any – change from all your hard work.

Before you know it you are telling yourself that you’re not motivated and lazy.

And you tell your friends you’re just really busy and can’t find the time.

Here’s the thing

Are you really lazy and unmotivated?

Because right now I bet after a few minutes with you I would find areas of your life that you aren’t lazy or unmotivated – with your family, work, relationship, finances…?

So, is it really that? Or, did you just work really hard and not get the outcome you expected?

If I was wanting to “save money” and for a whole month I didn’t go out anywhere, or do anything, and then at the end of the month looked at my bank account and the balance was the same as it always was…

Don’t you think I’d be unmotivated to save money the next month?

OF COURSE! Because what I was doing was a WASTE OF TIME.

When wanting to make a long-lasting, meaningful change you need to be given specific advice tailored to YOU – based on your CURRENT goals and PAST experiences.

Following a one-size-fits-all program or just copying what your friends were doing doesn’t lead the majority of people in this world to accomplishing what they want.

If it did there would only be one book on health, fitness & nutrition on Amazon.

How We Work

If you are after a place where you just get signed up on a long-term contract to do things on your own, do a heap of burpees and get told to ‘eat clean’ *hopefully* with better results… then we aren’t the best fit for you.

Most gyms are made for meat heads and fitness bunnies…

Not 365 Performance.

We take the time at the beginning – from your first consult – to understand where you are currently at.

Never trained your entire life? Injured? Health problems? Busy, chaotic life? No time? Travelling all the time?

It’s all fine… We just need to know about it so we can work with you personally and create a plan.

What’s your goal?

Why are you here?

What is required? This one is interesting because most people overestimate the requirements. They think they need to train 5-7 days a week and eat perfect, nothing but chicken and broccoli their entire life.

Then we take the time from the FIRST SESSION to assess you, see how you move, any limitations, etc. Same deal as before – doesn’t matter what comes out of this, the whole idea is that we know about it so we can FIX IT.

Feel confident – not silly.

All along the way we are working with you closely to ensure you are seeing success.

Educating you on WHY you should be doing something – seminars & guidance and check-in’s where needed.

Holding you accountable, monitoring your attendance and reaching out if you start to drop off of the radar.

Ensuring you are on constantly being supported and seeing success.

Don’t wait for another year go by and allow things to keep getting worse…

If you are interested in working with us, we encourage you to fill in the form on this page, come in for a Free Intro Session and see if we are a good fit.