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Get into the best shape of your life.

Regardless of your fitness level, our experienced coaches are here to take your health, body-composition and performance to the next level through professional coaching, 1-1 support, and a community of friendly, like-minded people.

365 Performance – CrossFit Chipping Norton Gym

Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life – And Stay That Way.

We’re here to take your health, happiness and performance to the next level through professional coaching, 1-1 support, and a community of friendly, like-minded people.

365 Performance is a highly personalised Strength and Conditioning Gym with locations in Chipping Norton & Milperra

We believe everybody, regardless of experience, deserves to train like an athlete.

Our training programs are developed by highly educated and experienced coaches, using current research to develop strength, increase fitness, reduce body fat, and keep you pain free.

Look Good

Learn how to decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass and look athletic.

Get Strong & Fit

Increase strength through a large range of motion whilst developing skills, fitness and flexibility.

Stay Pain Free

Learn how to lift safely and move with perfect technique.

Why Us?

We provide highly personalised strength and conditioning training.

Our balanced training programs are developed by highly experienced coaches, using current research to develop strength, reduce body fat, improve flexibility and increase your overall fitness.

Our programs are highly sophisticated, but our philosophy is simple: to live long and well you must train smart, eat well, prioritise recovery and surround yourself with like minded people.

Our strength & conditioning approach is safe and sustainable.

Our training programs are constantly varied, appropriately periodised, and specific to your personal training needs.

Our training allows you to constantly progress without burning out or injuring yourself.

Results - Not Promises

“I used to go the the gym but had no idea what I was doing… I lost 22kg in the first 8 months here. My whole mindset has changed. I’m a better person and a better Father.”

Theo Karabetsos

“The best thing is I had my own Coach from the start… They taught me how to move safely & helped me with my own personal nutrition – I’ve lost over 15kg.”

Sabrina Loria-Brady
Maintenance Contracts

“The coaches here guide you through everything, they also help you with your nutrition. I’ve totally changed my body composition and inspired my Wife & Kids to join”

Jason Ognenovski
Business Owner

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

You deserve your own unique plan when starting – we make it easy.

1. Book A Free Intro Session

Come in for a private chat with one of our friendly coaches, discuss your goals and see if we are a good fit.

2. Get Your Personalised Plan

Based on your goals and experience, we build out a plan that is sustainable and uniquely tailored to you.

3. Achieve Amazing Results

We are there every step of the way and will amend your plan as your body transforms. This ensures consistent progress and optimal results.

Absolutely incredible results from this lady. @caraalicia_

Down 10kg and 16% body fat
All while adding lean muscle 💪💪💪

Just doing the simple things, on a consistent basis.

✅showing up consistently
✅training with purpose
✅tracking results
✅eating well 80% of the time
✅asking questions

By not focusing on the scales, but on her performance in the gym… she has transformed into a super capable athlete. Getting incredibly strong, now able to do things like pull-ups etc she could never do before. And the body composition results speak for themselves.

Awesome work! 🤙🤙🤙

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When your training buddies have all the jokes 😍😍😍⁠

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⭐️ Huge Effort Everyone! That was an awesome week.⁠

Rest up, final week of this training cycle coming Monday 🦍 🦍 🦍 ⁠

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Wall Walk.⁠
very quickly becomes⁠
Floor Lay.⁠

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Effort is always a choice.⁠

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Lifting weights on your own can lead to mixed results.⁠

Periodically grabbing random exercises you see on instagram, not using a balanced program, or performing movements incorrectly can lead to injury or overuse.⁠

Not having a coach or a training partner to hold you accountable can leave you coming up short of your goals.⁠

Our strength days are the foundation for our program, and whether your goals are performance based or aesthetic based or both, lifting weights is a key component to success when done correctly.⁠

✅ https://365performance.com.au/⁠

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Strength training is a challenging thing to navigate on your own, but we know that everyone starts somewhere. Our process for bringing new clients into the gym depends entirely on the individual.⁠

Nervous about jumping into a class? Start with a 1on1 consult and meet the coaches, see the gym, and get an idea of what to expect on day 1.⁠

Worried about getting injured? Start with private training designed specifically for you and address the concerns, learn proper scaling options and ideas for training with us that align with your goals.⁠

Experienced and ready to try something new? Do a screening and see how our structured classes can help build fitness that is sustainable and effective, no matter what you’ve done in the past.⁠

✅ https://365performance.com.au/⁠

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If you only work with a barbell you will inherently develop structural imbalances as one arm can compensate for the other side being weaker.⁠

❌ If imbalances aren't addressed, they will eventually lead to injury.⁠

We have a blend of accessory movements throughout the week in our training program to ensure our clients don't develop the above.⁠

✅ Make sure you utilise dumbbells and incorporate unilateral movements into your program on a consistent basis to keep pain free.⁠

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Get into the best shape of your life.

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