CrossFit Chipping Norton

CrossFit Chipping Norton

Are you are sick and tired of going through the motions with old school training that isn't getting results and want to be challenged to take your fitness to the next level? The team at CrossFit Chipping Norton will get you there faster than anyone else around.

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Over 5 Years Experience. Expert Coaching. Proven & Structured Training.

Our programs are designed to make our members achieve optimal health and performance. As everyone walking through our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels, our program is flexible and designed to meet those needs. Our group coaching program is like having your own personal trainer but in a group environment.

Before you start our CrossFit Classes we take you through a structured onboarding process where we assess you personally and identify if you have areas of weakness or imbalance (we work with you closely to address these issues) and go through all the movements in our training program in a small intimate environment so you feel confident, know what you are doing and how to move safely from day one.



During our regular sessions you will be lead by our knowledgeable coaches through a series of stages of fitness and recovery:

  • Warm Up – A specialised, thorough warm-up to open up your joints and get your body ready¬†for the session ahead.
  • Strength Training – This might be anything from simple bodyweight gymnastics movements like the Squat, Push up, Pullup (or working towards getting you one!) to more advanced Olympic Lifting movements like the Clean & Jerk. If you are new we would assist you with simpler variations, so one day down the track you will be able to do these movements.
  • The Workout of the Day (WOD) ‚Äď This might be any combination of gymnastics, running, rowing, riding, jumping, squatting, kettlebells, throwing, Olympic weightlifting, and more. We mix them all up based on where we are in our program. The majority of the workouts are time based – so we all finish at the same time and simply do what we are capable of in that timeframe on that day (so no, you aren’t finishing 20 min after everyone else if you are deconditioned).
  • Cool-Down & Mobility/Stretching – Mobility drills and stretching are important to restore and improve function of joints, as well as post-workout recovery techniques, which prepare you for your next workout.

All while being a part of our Motivating, Welcoming and Supportive Community – Our CrossFit group classes in Chipping Norton are great for maintaining motivation while continuing your health and fitness journey. Everybody knows each other’s name and supports each other. Friendships grow and are cemented by training alongside others who work hard and are driven just like you.¬†There is no better way to stay on track with your health and fitness goals then to be surrounded by people who want the same thing – which is to improve constantly and be the best they possibly can.

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Constantly Varied

Every session is different. The training is never boring or repetitive. By having a great variance with the things you do in the sessions, your body doesn’t adapt and you don’t plateau. This allows for constant improvements. We occasionally go back to workouts and re-test so you can see how much you have improved, but generally you will never repeat workouts.

Functional Movements

Think about movements you do in daily life; Squat, bend, lunge, push, pull, twist, and gait (Walking, Jogging, Sprinting). We not only get you to do these movements but, more importantly, we show you how to do them correctly! Technique is paramount in all of our sessions. We have many people here who have had constant knee, shoulder or back issues in the past and these have been rectified simply by teaching them how to move their body properly.

High Intensity

Relative to you and your current fitness level! When doing things at a high intensity your heart rate stays elevated for longer and results are achieved quicker. Having said that, we don’t expect someone who hasn’t done any sort of physical training for a long time to go crazy and get their heart racing in their first session. We start you off slow and ramp things up as your fitness improves.

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