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Are you are sick and tired of a regular gym and boring training programs that aren't getting you results? Do you want to take your fitness to the next level and do things you never thought possible? If Yes - the team at CrossFit Milperra will get you there faster than anyone else around!

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Proven Success, from an expert team at our second location with over 5 years experience.


Our programs are designed to make our clients achieve optimal health and performance.

We are all different and have our own specific goals and abilities. Our program is unique as it meets you where you are at – so you are getting what you need right from the start.

We assess you and work with you closely as you go through our program ensuring you are seeing constant success and are on track to achieving your goals.

Before you start our CrossFit Classes we take the time and put you through a thorough onboarding program where we assess you to identify if you have areas of weakness or imbalance (we work with you closely to address any areas of concern) and go through all the movements in our program in an intimate setting so you know what you are doing, feel confident, safe and know how to move correctly from day one.

Our Philosophy is simple – More Than Fitness. We believe success and achieving what you are really after comes from a lot more than just a good workout and eating some chicken and broccoli. It’s about surrounding yourself with a community of people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself – who lift you up not bring you down. It’s about caring – about each other – with no ego’s… It’s about education, learning constantly about different ways to approach challenges, to think big, to make an impact on your friends and family and inspire them, to be challenged to achieve things you never thought possible.

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