After losing 16kg at the start of this year I wanted to tone up, my friend had been suggesting 365 Performance for months but I Googled it and decided I could never do that. After 3 weeks at a ladies only gym I complained it was boring, so this time instead of suggesting it he took me to 365 Performance.

During Fundamentals class I was struggling, I’d never moved like that before. Scott told me I had a lot of work to do but if I committed myself and showed up regularly they would help me reach my goals. So I did, but I hid in the back corner because I was so self conscious, I looked around at what everyone else was doing and felt overwhelmed. Another Crossfitter Belinda saw me hiding, then for the next few weeks she integrated me into a small group each day and I became part of the community.

Between the coaches, Belinda and each group I got to work with I was accepted and encouraged no question, even when I felt like I was slowing everyone else down. In 5 months Scott and the team taught me through safe, controlled and consistent movement that my goals are achievable, my body is now toned and defined, my self consciousness and body image are now almost a non issue. They helped me understand what impact diet, exercise and a positive attitude had towards my health, I eat and sleep better and haven’t been sick since I started with 365 Performance.

If you want to improve your health and self esteem give these guys a try, growth definitely begins outside your comfort zone.