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OPEX Level Two Associate Coach
AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach Licence
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Cert IV in Fitness
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Senior First Aid

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in health and fitness all my life. One thing that always impacted me was the amount of people who would join a regular gym around summer wanting to make a change.

Sadly, only after a couple of weeks I was never to see them again.

I knew the reason. We all want more – and when you couple that with a change in seasons and a good salesman promising the world it’s hard to not give it a go…

The issue was after the credit card was swiped and the contract signed… There was no care about their success, no support given to help them along the way. And most places had the energy and atmosphere of a morgue.

Back then in 2005 I didn’t know a whole lot. The fortunate thing was that I didn’t pretend to either.

All I knew was the things that did and didn’t work for me and the people around me. The surprising thing (at the time) was that some people had success one way while others didn’t.

I recognised really early on that a one-size fits all approach didn’t work.

Since we started all those years ago I am so grateful for all our wonderful clients that have chosen us to help them achieve the success they deserve.

I get asked all the time by others why we are so successful and there really isn’t any secret. We just generally care about all of our clients achieving success and supporting them every step of the way.

All of our coaches have come through internally. They were all clients of ours originally who had amazing life-changing success. I feel this is the greatest testament to what we have here. Our Culture and Community is really something special.