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CrossFit Level 1 Trainer AWF Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach 1 Rehab Trainer – Rehab Essentials Course Kendrick Farris Bless The Gym Olympic Weightlifting Seminar Powerlifting Training Seminar Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance Nutrition Coach Level 2 Certificate IV in Fitness Certificate III in Fitness First Aid I wasn’t always this good looking bloke…

Full-Time Coach & Nutrition Guru

CrossFit Level One (5+ years experience) CrossFit Kids (5+ years experience) Cert III in Fitness Cert IV in Fitness OPEX Level 1 Life Coaching Module Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance Nutrition Coach Pete Evans Gut Health Seminar Powerlifting Training Seminar Rehab Trainer – Rehab Essentials Course Precision Nutrition Certification (In Progress) It all started over…

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CrossFit Level 2 Trainer CrossFit Coaches Prep Course CrossFit Endurance Course OPEX Level Two Associate Coach AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach Licence Active Life Professional Immersion Assessment Course Charles Poliquin BioSignature Charles Poliquin PICP Level 1 Charles Poliquin PICP Level 2 Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Functional Movement Screen Level 2 Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (In…