Team Tuesday

‘Heavy Rock’
As many burpees as possible (combined) in 8 minutes
While Partner 1 works the burpees, Partner 2 holds the rock (weighted bar)
*Bar cannot be put down at any stage during the WOD, as soon as grip starts to fail you need to offload the bar to your partner.

If the bar touches the ground there will be a 2 min AirDyne Penalty for your team!!!


Push Press

AMRAP in 30 sec
Ground to overhead
Rest 30 sec between rounds x 4
******REST is in OVERHEAD position. ie you will do as many reps as possible in 30 seconds of ground to overhead, once the 30 seconds is up you are to keep the bar locked out overhead for the 30 second rest period.

Accumulate 5 min total in Plank position