AMRAP 10 min
Box Jump (24″/20″) *step down
compare to 24th Nov

‘cool down’ with Prowler

XMAS Trading Hours – Gym will be closed from Sat 24th Dec until Tue 3rd Jan. For those who are wanting to train during that time please speak to me at the gym.


Weakness & Mobility Day
Work on something you aren’t good at
Devote time to mobilising an area you know causes you problems

*Today isn’t an RDO or an excuse to have the day off.

Those who haven’t had their skinfolds taken have the opportunity to have this done during the session, so dress appropriately.


Squat Snatch @ 13X0; 2-3 reps; x6, rest 2 min

12 min @ 85%
5x Overhead Squat
10x Situp
Run 250m

*dont get excited with the weight for the Overhead Squat, choose a weight that is manageable for YOU while under fatigue so you can go unbroken…