A. Snatch Pull Cluster; 1.1.1; x4, rest 2 min – drop bar
B. Hang Squat Clean; 2; x5, rest 2 min – from knee, focus on full extension and fast under the bar.
C. 12 min;
3 tough Front Squat (from floor)
Muscle Up AMRAP(-2)
D. Side Plank; 60 sec/side x3, rest 60 sec between sides


A. Med Ball Forward Toss; Far as possible; x10, rest 30 sec – light
B1. Clean Grip Deadlift @ 24X1; 2 tough reps; x5, rest 10 sec
B2. Tall Jump Cluster; 1.1.1; x5, rest 3 min; x5
C. All Out;
15-20 Thruster @ 20-35kg
Airdyne 700m/1200m OR Row 300m/400m