Changing The Way People View Fitness.

We have been around since 2008 where everything first started – in a one car garage where Scott was doing his own training after being sick and tired of being in an ordinary gym. Friends and family noticed and wanted in on the action. It grew and we eventually got a small little place in early 2010, when we started in Chipping Norton. From those humble beginnings, we were able to change the lives of many.

Since then we have evolved into our own brand, 365 Performance and have helped over 2,400+ men and women achieve their health and fitness goals through our personalised small group and private training programs.


Ego Free.

What’s our secret? Unlike other training facilities where one-size fits all training programs often leave you injured and in worse shape than before you started, our clients say they most love how our caring and supportive staff always over deliver in spending time with them beyond their scheduled sessions, challenge them to stay on track with their goals during tough times, and the like-minded community that’s ego-free, friendly, and welcomes you like a second family.

Our Core Values

  • We are a community. We are welcoming. We initiate conversation and connection with our team and clients and foster it amongst others. We always see the best in each other and always celebrate each others wins, progress, and hard work.
  • We care. We believe in you when you may not. We go above and beyond. We create a safe space by not gossiping, always telling the truth, checking to see how our clients (and each other) are going, and supporting each other when required.
  • We own it. We don’t blame others. We are never the victim. We always tell the truth.
  • We are consistent. We recognise that with focused effort we can achieve anything. We are reliable. We work hard and don’t cut corners. We set the standard. We raise the bar. We inspire those around us from what we do – not from what we say.

Our 365 Performance Community

Wednesday... Hump day... The day before Thursday... The day before Tuesday... The day where you get in, train with the people's, cheer with people's, banter with the people's, high five the people's and maybe even drop a friendly....... People's elbow courtesy of the @therock .
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Tuesday. Enjoy the nice weather, sitting outside watching the class, then jump in and destroy.
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Over the past week I've sat down with over 30 people to talk about their health and fitness goals.⠀

When I ask "why are you here", if I had $1 for every person who said "lose weight, tone up, get fit" I'd be able to buy a helicopter... 🚁⠀

The thing is, that's never the real reason anyone comes in to start something.⠀

They say it, smile, laugh it off...⠀

But those are just surface level answers.⠀

They are the answers that, when life gets busy, something goes wrong... they bail and give up.⠀


When you peel the onion and ask 'WHY?' a few times, you eventually get deeper and hear things like;⠀

⚫I don't have any energy to play with my kids anymore... After 5 minutes I feel like I'm about to pass out, I can't keep up with them, they ask me to play and I say I'm busy all the time... I'm a bad father and I feel ashamed of myself⠀
⚫I don't feel comfortable in my own skin, I look in the mirror and wonder what happened, I don't even think my husband finds me attractive⠀
⚫I saw my doctor two weeks ago, I got diagnosed with diabetes and he said if I need to change how I live my life or I'm pretty much a dead man. I need to be around to look after my parents.⠀
⚫My whole family has a history of heart disease, I'm getting older and I don't want to end up like the rest of them⠀
⚫My child is embarrassed of how I look and doesn't want me to drop him off to school anymore because he is worried he will get teased⠀

When you get clear on the real reason you are making a change, free of the 'SHOULDs' of society... but the main real driver, your big WHY... It is a lot easier to have success.⠀

When it's cold, you're tired, your friend isn't supporting you - it's easy to bail when all you want to do is 'get fit' 💤⠀

But when your WHY is clear - to be a better father, create memories for your family, be the example... it's much easier to keep pushing forward ✅⠀

This year, get clear on your real WHY 🌐⠀

Why are you here❓⠀

What will life be like in 5 years if things keep going this way❓⠀

What will the people around you say when you do hit your goals❓ How will your life change for the better❓⠀

Need help? 🤜

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💪🏼Strength training IS fat loss training.⁠⠀
💪🏼Losing weight isn’t complicated... eat less, move more.⁠⠀
💪🏼But losing body fat, changing your body COMPOSITION and sustaining your results is more complicated.⁠⠀
💪🏼Do yourself a favour and prioritise getting STRONGER with your exercise selection, even if fat loss is the goal.⁠⠀
Need help? Schedule a free help session below!⁠⠀

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I once heard a story about a young couple, I'm not sure if it's true or not but it goes like this:⁠⠀
A young mother is holding her child while at the same time cooking dinner... it's about to burn and at that exact moment, the phone rings.⁠⠀
She calls out to her husband to help, but he yells back that he is busy working on something important.⁠⠀
She ends up walking upstairs to his home office, he doesn't look up, and she finally gets his attention by saying "I need you to listen to me!" and asks "If there were a fire right now, would you run through it to save me and the baby?"⁠⠀
He replies: "Yes of course"⁠⠀
She replies: "There's never going to be a fire"⁠⠀
We all want to imagine that when the time comes, we will be there... to do the thing, to take the action, to do what needs to be done... But that time rarely comes, and if and when it does, it's fleeting - and all too often, it's too late.⁠⠀
What matters in our lives is not the magical moment, but the quality of our daily practice. Working on ourselves, being present with others, and making a choice to live a healthy life - regardless if it's the perfect time or not.

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Most people start at 365 Performance because they’re looking for a place to help them achieve their health and fitness goals...⁠⠀
But our secret power lies within our community 🧙⁠⠀
They lean on each other when they need that extra bit of encouragement, accountability and inspiration 🌟⁠⠀
They are all like-minded ✅⁠⠀
They are all pretty bloody amazing 🙏⁠⠀
...And they will have your back, should you choose to play with us 💥

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❌Back pain?⁠⠀
❌Knee pain?⁠⠀
❌Shoulder pain?⁠⠀
We can help.⁠⠀
You don’t have to stay in pain... you don’t have to avoid exercise... but you DO need a customised approach.⁠⠀
Our coaches are trained to assess and create plans and protocols specific to your needs and goals.⁠⠀
You don’t have to do this alone.
Schedule a consult to see how we can help.

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