Changing The Way People View Fitness.

We have been around since 2008 where everything first started – in a one car garage where Scott was doing his own training after being sick and tired of being in an ordinary gym. Friends and family noticed and wanted in on the action. It grew and we eventually got a small little place in early 2010, when we started in Chipping Norton. From those humble beginnings, we were able to change the lives of many.

Since then we have evolved into our own brand, 365 Performance and have helped over 2,400+ men and women achieve their health and fitness goals through our personalised small group and private training programs.


Ego Free.

What’s our secret? Unlike other training facilities where one-size fits all training programs often leave you injured and in worse shape than before you started, our clients say they most love how our caring and supportive staff always over deliver in spending time with them beyond their scheduled sessions, challenge them to stay on track with their goals during tough times, and the like-minded community that’s ego-free, friendly, and welcomes you like a second family.

Our Core Values

  • We are a community. We are welcoming. We initiate conversation and connection with our team and clients and foster it amongst others. We always see the best in each other and always celebrate each others wins, progress, and hard work.
  • We care. We believe in you when you may not. We go above and beyond. We create a safe space by not gossiping, always telling the truth, checking to see how our clients (and each other) are going, and supporting each other when required.
  • We own it. We don’t blame others. We are never the victim. We always tell the truth.
  • We are consistent. We recognise that with focused effort we can achieve anything. We are reliable. We work hard and don’t cut corners. We set the standard. We raise the bar. We inspire those around us from what we do – not from what we say.

Our 365 Performance Community

Not ‘strong for a female’, just STRONG!💪🏽🤩⠀

This is a great snapshot of a few of our #365Performance ladies at our Milperra location being coached on overhead pressing🏋🏽‍♂️ ⠀


You DON’T need to be strong or fit to start. You just need to START!⠀

Are you interested in seeing what we’re all about? Reach out!👇⠀

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As hard as it may be, outgrowing our existing circle is an inevitable part of a successful and well-lived life.⠀

If you’ve had to walk away from friendships, relationships or even family members because you grew too quickly... GOOD!⠀

If you do it right, you will not be the same person in 5, 10, or 15 years from now.⠀

But if you wait around for others to match your level of hunger for growth, you will stay exactly where you (and they) are.⠀

If the people in your life can’t keep up with you, and encourage you, and push you towards excellence, you must limit your contact with them and find people who will.⠀

Surround yourself with growth minded individuals willing to do the journey WITH you and you will never go wrong.⠀

Need some support in your growth and journey? Reach out!👇⠀

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We hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are ready to smash out another training week surrounded by an amazing #365Performance community💙⠀

If you’re interested in joining and seeing what we’re all about, there is no time like the present!! ⠀
We’d love to hear from you!👇⠀

🤜 Https://

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#365Performance has this spicy workout planned for today and WOW it was a fun one!😂⠀

Make sure to give it a try and let us know how you go!!👇⠀


20minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible:⠀
4-6-8-10 and so on...⠀
Toes to Bar⠀
Alternating Hang Snatch (15kg M 10kg F)⠀

*complete 12/10 calories on the bike after each set⠀


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To our amazing #365Performance community;

If you develop a cough, fever, sore throat or shortness of breath or are in contact with people who present these symptoms, please stay home and seek professional medical advice!🙏

To keep yourself and others in the community safe, we ask that you wash your hands regularly, bring your towel to gym, cough/sneeze into your elbow and be mindful of others around you.

We have provided hand sanitisers around the gym for your convenience and anti-bacterial wipes for all your equipment😇
Our staff are also doing their part in keeping the gym clean and sanitised between classes🧹🧽

PLEASE- Stay home if you’re feeling unwell💙


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Choose to be kind..⠀
Choose to be aware..⠀
Choose to be train..⠀
Choose to be patient with yourself..⠀
And choose to reach out if you need anything!👇⠀


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And THIS is what it’s all about! 👆⠀
Our #365performance community cheering each other on all the way to the finish line!🔥🔥⠀


We hope you’ve had a great Monday and we can’t wait to see everyone smash some goals this week! ✨✨⠀
What’s one thing you’re implementing this week that supports your growth?! We want to know!👇⠀


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