When you know the why behind everything, it's a lot easier to be driven to own the how

Nutrition Education - All Levels, Including specific seminars on areas like going Chemical-Free, Gut Health, etc.

The main reason behind our exceptional results with clients, besides the individualised care, is our consistent focus on nutritional education, gut health, and the other things around us that impact our health.

We hold nutritional seminars for all of our members every second Thursday. During these seminars we educate those in attendance on specific nutritional practices relative to them and their current goals.

Our more advanced and specific seminars are held regularly on Saturday mornings.

We also do check-in’s and measurements with all clients ongoing to ensure they are seeing success.

Lifestyle Seminars - Mindset, Values, Goal-Setting, etc.

The secret to 90% of your success is between your ears! It isn’t a meal plan, or a workout.

We work with our clients to understand the real reason behind the WHY they are doing something. It is never to ‘lose weight’, or ‘get fit’ – that is just the first layer of the onion.

When you can be clear on those reasons and how achieving what you are after impacts not only your why, but the other areas of your life… The vicious-cycle of stopping & starting training programs is a thing of the past.

We also guide our clients on overcoming limiting beliefs, as well as setting not goals but TARGETS – and helping them break them down to manageable, realistic chunks so they can actually be achieved!

Athletic Development & Powerlifting

We run intensive (3-8+ hour) seminars every quarter based off demand and interest where we go deep on specific areas of fitness, like;

Powerlifting Seminars – An intensive day where we educate and teach you the correct training and competition standards for all the three major lifts (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift).

Olympic Lifting Seminars – We spend the start of the day reviewing the lifts step-by-step so you completely understand them. We then go over all of the lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk) and break them down over the course of 4-6 hours.

Athletic Development Seminars & In-House Competitions – What holds you back as an athlete? Is it your strength? Your ability to dig deep and go hard and fast (Lactate power and endurance)? Or can you go flat out but when it comes to going long you blow up like the Hiroshima bomb? We spend the morning testing all the different energy systems so by the end of the day you have a thorough understanding of not only what your weaknesses are as an athlete but also leave knowing what you need to do to improve them.

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