March 2018 - David Owsnett

March 2018 – David Owsnett

  • 29th Mar 2018
  • Kevin Tran

Client of the Month for March 2018 is David Owsnett!

Meet Dave, one of the top blokes that usually trains in our 6am sessions, he’s always get a friendly smile and ready to chat, and always up to put in the hard yards. He’s currently doing our 365 Barbell Club, recently lost 4kg in just the last month, stays consistent with training, he’s a Masters athlete, helps out whenever needed, and to top it all off – his 2 daughters are following suit and doing the Thursday arvo Teens classes too! Wow, that list will no doubt only grow longer! Congratulations Dave-O, you truly deserve this great honour, keep up the awesomeness and never stop having fun doing so! 🙂

You can check out his feature on our website along with other clients here:

What do you enjoy most about coming to 365 Performance?
I’ve never been so passionate about training as I have been since I joined 365 Performance. It has become a bit of a running joke with my family and friends because I am constantly talking about it. Everyone I have met along the way has been supportive and we all inspire one another to be the best we can be! It is like a second home for me. I have learnt so much about myself each day through stretching my boundaries and this has a flow on effect in my daily life.

Name some of your achievements since starting with 365 Performance?
Joining 365 Performance was one of the best decisions in my life. CrossFit Milperra has taught me what is required to be fit – that is to eat well and move well. I’ve lost approximately 12 kilos since I joined in November 2016. When I started, I couldn’t deadlift 50kg or squat and now I am lifting over 100kg. I had back issues since I was 17 years of age and I no longer suffer from chronic pain. I eat cleaner and healthier. It has changed my life!

What are your favourite movies?
I like “The Hangover” movies and “Meet the Parents/Fockers”.

What are your favourite foods?
Beef Ribs, Hamburgers and a good Steak.

What is your favourite WOD or movement?
Skiing and Rowing and I really enjoy Olympic lifting now that I’m halfway through the 365 Barbell Club.

What is something that people may not know about you?
I’ve never tried surfing and its something I wish I could do.