My love for fitness all started 9 years ago when i started Muay Thai challenging and pushing my body to the extreme for 7 years. With 2 professional fights under my belt I learnt about healthy eating and weight loss during my 7 years. It was around 5 years ago I fell in love with strength training and pushing myself to different extremes. I loved watching by body composition change and progressing on my lifting. I have always strived to be a better version of myself and I have always pushed myself to be better than I was yesterday. I set myself little goals to achieve and always feel rewarded when I accomplish them.

In 2018 I moved from my hometown Perth to Adelaide in which I felt scared and not knowing what to do, I used my love for fitness to my advantage and decided to do my Certificate IV in fitness. Once completing this I packed up and moved to Sydney. Once again starting over, not knowing anyone I decided to do the 6 week challenge with 365 Performance to help me get my life back on track and meet new people. This was the best decision I have ever made. I have met a great support team and some amazing friends. In this time I have lost 6 kg and 14% body fat. I was also lucky enough to start coaching here. My biggest achievements and what really excites me about coaching is watching others succeed with their goals and being able to be a part of that.