CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
NRL International Qualified Coach
NRL Junior Qualified Coach
Rehab Trainer – Rehab Essentials Course
Senior First Aid Course

I have come a very long way in such a short time from Rugby League coach to being a coach in one of the most respected training facilities in Western Sydney. NotIlong ago i was a Truck Driver and MASSIVELY over weight from eating take out and sitting most of the day, so over weight that it was difficult to do the easy things in life and I started getting cellulitis on my lower legs.

At my lowest point, I was 145kgs and didn’t really care for myself anymore, until one day my eldest son asked my wife to please keep me from going to his high school because he was so ashamed of the way that I looked and he was afraid that he would get teased about having a obese Father.

It literally destroyed me, I never realised that I was affecting my family with all the crap life choices I was making. I started to look for a solution to this huge problem that I had and my wife came across 365 Performance Chipping Norton.

My wife enrolled in a programme here and at that first consultation my wife asked Aroha (one of the coaches) to give me a call. That afternoon I received a call that would eventually change my life. I started to see a massive difference in my body shape 1 month in and I was amazed that I had lost over 15 kgs from only listening to the coaches and attending the gym 3 days per week.

Fast forward 1 year and I have lost 45 kgs and have fallen in love with training and fitness coaching. I have learnt so much in my own fitness journey and these personal experiences coupled with my knowledge from my continued growth as a coach has put me in a great position to share what I have learnt and help other people become a healthier version of themselves.