December 2017 - Daniel Chadrawy

December 2017 – Daniel Chadrawy

  • 2nd Jan 2018
  • Kevin Tran

Client of the Month for December 2017 is Daniel Chadrawy!

Meet Daniel Chadrawy (aka Dan Chad), he’s one of the friendliest guys in the gym, very humble, and an awesome client who is pleasure to coach. Dan’s always up for a challenge, and not too long ago he competed in his first local CrossFit competition. He’s always at the gym in the evenings and Saturday mornings, with that sort of consistency and he’s able to work through his knee injury with his physio and avoid surgery altogether! His squat and deadlift numbers have jumped significantly as well! Great work, Dan Chad, you truly deserve this Client of the Month title!

You can check out his feature on our website along with other clients here:

What do you enjoy most about coming to 365 Performance?
I enjoy being a part of a community / team and training together with other people who have similar goals to myself. Also the vibe is awesome nothing better then rocking up to the gym and seeing your mates gather around the whiteboard for the WOD.

Name some of your achievements since starting with 365 Performance?
Before I started I couldn’t squat or deadlift with correct form or heavy weight. since joining I can know back squat 140kg and deadlift 185kg.

What are your favourite movies?
Friday Night Lights and Wolf of Wall Street.

What are your favourite foods?
Burgers, burgers and more burgers!

What is your favourite WOD or movement?
Love the rower anyone come at me 😉 Also strongman, love that stuff give me farmers carry any day.

What is something that people may not know about you?
I’m a biiiiig Pokémon fan and Nintendo fan!