Changing The Way People View Fitness.

We have been around since 2008 where everything first started – in a one car garage where Scott was doing his own training after being sick and tired of being in an ordinary gym. Friends and family noticed and wanted in on the action. It grew and we eventually got a small little place in early 2010, when we started in Chipping Norton. From those humble beginnings, we were able to change the lives of many.

Since then we have evolved into our own brand, 365 Performance and have helped over 2,400+ men and women achieve their health and fitness goals through our personalised small group and private training programs.


Ego Free.

What’s our secret? Unlike other training facilities where one-size fits all training programs often leave you injured and in worse shape than before you started, our clients say they most love how our caring and supportive staff always over deliver in spending time with them beyond their scheduled sessions, challenge them to stay on track with their goals during tough times, and the like-minded community that’s ego-free, friendly, and welcomes you like a second family.

Community. Your Second Home.

Now having our second location in Milperra allows us to have a greater impact with helping others and having them achieve the levels of success we all deserve.

We recognise the impact our members have not just in their own lives but how they also help and change the rest of their Friends and Family. This inspires us to keep pushing forward.


Always Learning.

Let’s be honest. We don’t know everything – We don’t profess to. We have a great team of experts we work with and refer out when we don’t know the best answer.

We are extremely passionate about increasing our knowledge, and are always doing different courses and mentorships to be the best we can – always with an open mind.

Always Sharing.

Like our motto ‘More Than Fitness’, outside of the training sessions and the catch-ups with our clients, we are also doing everything we can to share our knowledge with our members on a larger scale.

From Nutrition & Lifestyle Seminars to Movement workshops and Kids Healthy Lunchbox seminars. Our goal is to not only get you to do what’s right but ensure you understand and embody it fully – once you know WHY you should be doing something, it’s a lot easier to DO.


Our 365 Performance Community


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